Kerry Vietnam 8-MM Films: Do They Exist?

It has been claimed by right-wing opponents of John Kerry, that he went into combat with an 8 mm movie camera. It is said that his crew made several short films of Kerry in action.
My question is:
-do these shorts actually exist?
=and if so, where are they?
Finally, if they exist, do they belong to him, or are they in the public domain?

Why would they be public domain Ralph?
Are the Abu Ghraib snapshots public domain?

Washington Post article on the Kerry bio film shown at the Democratic National Convention:

Comments from someone who has actually seen the films:

Emphasis added.

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This is from the American lefty political critique site Counterpunch:

“He may not have wanted to talk [about Vietnam experiences] but he certainly liked to screen. The first time Kerry took Hollywood star Dana Delany to his home in the Eighties she says his big move was showing her video clips taken of him in the Navy when he was in Vietnam. She never went out with him again.”


From Tour of Duty: John Kerry and the Vietnam War by Douglas Brinkley, after a skirmish with the enemy on the Swift boats in Vietnam: