Awesomely terrible date ideas

I was talking to someone about how surgery used to be performed in operating theatres, which allowed medical students to observe the procedures. I mentioned that it would be fun to propose an operation-and-dinner date. What other amazingly bad date ideas can you come up with?

Ha ha, funny. But here’s a real-life one (this applies more to first dates than a date in an established relationship): Mexican food. Specifically, fajitas, especially if you’re a klutz. Spaghetti is bad too. In fact, any food that is sloppy or can stain, especially if you’re wearing white.

Certain movies. The Aristocrats would be a bad choice, for instance.

A video arcade, especially if your date doesn’t play video games.

Ooh, that one actually sounds fun!

All-You-Can-Eat Mexican Buffet.
Interpretive dance recital.

Simulpost-- can only mean that Mexican is a truly bad idea.

Or a screening of Irreversible or The Hills Have Eyes, or really any movie including a graphic rape.

I took a first date to a movie once on Christmas day. It was Looking for Mr. Goodbar . That was an awesomely terrible date idea.

Dinner and BYOB at the local strip club? How about a bicycle ride with a date who doesn’t know how to ride a bike? Dinner with your parents who just announced that they are getting divorced? Ahhhh, maybe a private viewing of your colonoscopy over hot fudge brownies and milk?

Why are you looking at me like that?

The value menu at McDonald’s followed by taking your grandmother shopping for underclothes.

My first and only date with a guy once was dinner and a really horrible strip club. I didn’t know we were going to a strip club till we were seating inside and the girl on the stage started getting nekkid. :eek:

Oh yeah, he made a great impression.

FairyChatMom, did your date also turn out to have had relations with your mom? :smiley:
Watching Capturing the Friedmans is a typically bad idea. Then again, I’m so twisted that I should probably take all of these down as actual date movies.

You had me at “Performing the initial incision…”

(Actually, I’d really love that date. But I’m weird.)

I think attending a wedding as a first (or early) date is pretty bad. Not only is there awkward pressure and lots of opportunities for misinterpreted signals, but weddings where neither of you knows anyone else are only slightly less horrific than weddings where you know nobody, but your date knows everybody.

Let’s see…take her to:
Your day in divorce court
Your vasectomy
Grandma’s funeral
Whirlwind tour of Fallujah

(bolding mine)

Hey, at least she knows not to worry about you knocking her up!

As for my idea, I’ve held this in my mind for years:

Taking a girl out to a fancy-schmancy restaurant, and when the server brings out the wine list, say “No, no! I’ve brought my own.” and producing a bottle of “Cheap White Wine” and handing it to the server, asking them to put it on ice. Extra points on a sliding scale based on how much obvious esteem you can place in the “Cheap White Wine” while keeping a straight face.

I actually had a guy take me out for PBRs and a special screening of “Attack of the Cockface Killer” at a bar. For our first date. Yeah, that night didn’t go well.

<shudder> Thankfully, it is unlikely enough from me to say No F^*$#%G way!!! At the time, I was on the west coast, and Mom was on the east… <shudder> ewwwww

Go to Wal-Mart, buy two fire extinguishers, and have a duel in the parking lot. Make sure to stop by Blimpie on the way out for dinner!

Go have tandem glamor shots made.

Go to an oyster roast. Bring your own apron and oyster knife, and wink copiously.

Take her to the gym, have her be your spotter. Do not allow her to interrupt your routine with any exercise of her own, but constantly ask her if she has ever considered it (the same way you’d ask a halitosis-ridden friend if he would like an Altoid).

Take her to a painting class, at which you have previously volunteered to be the nude model for the evening. Again, wink copiously.

•A public execution (not your own, FYI). “C’mon, honey, join in the chant! It’ll be fun…‘Oh, My, I think I’m Going to Die! Oh, MY, I think I’m Going to DIE…!’

•Self-guided tour through an aircraft “boneyard,” reliving somber memories of your past, a la The Best Years of Our Lives.

•Sneaking date in to observe top secret startup experiment at The Lab that your work at. “Aw, don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe…what could go wrong?”

•Tailgate picnic and stargazing…at the most secluded place in town.

On the first date, ask your date to change your bandages and apply a poultice.

Or, you can start off the evening by saying, “Before we leave for the theater, we have to stop by the ER so they can extract this … thing from my butt.”

Monster truck pull with his entire family.

A party where his parents and their friends will get extremely drunk, one will break the toilet seat, and another will wind up in his boxers on the front lawn.

Painting his parents’ bedroom pepto-bismol pink. (Yes, his parents did divorce within the next year or so. Coincidence? I think not.)

No, I’m not creative enough to have thought of these on my own.

First date with my first wife: going to see “A Clockwork Orange”.

Second wife: a hydroelectric plant. Though it was quite pretty and she still gets misty-eyed whenever we drive over the dam, even to this day.

Taking him/her with you to stalk your ex. “The lights aren’t on but I know Bitch is so in there… she’s just trying to drive me nuts. Pass the popcorn- of course she might still be at work— we’ll go by there in a few minutes.”

Taking them with you to pick up trash as part of your community service (because two should count as twice the hours).

Taking them to an AA meeting and then out for drinks.

Inviting them over for a Faces of Death film-fest (“the monkey in the restaurant is so romantic!”) or Microcosmos (“if you thought the dung ball in the movie was romantic wait til you see what I’ve got for you…”).

Spending the first date showing her the ropes of how to make an AmWay sale.

A KKK rally (“It’s not like I agree with them, I just come here for the free beer and buffalo wings!”)

Inviting her to play your favorite sex game. “Okay, I’m Lou Dobbs and you’re the Mexican dancer I just caught breaking into my ranch house, got it? Now you don’t speak English so when I read this transcript of last night’s program just act confused… oh and go hide over there in the cabinet!”

Panhandling. “It works better if you pretend you’re pregnant, and three hours we’ll have enough for a megabar, tip included!”