Aww fuck.

Aww fuck.

I think that I am brunck. God damnit> I sweared that thins would not mappen.

They will never fbelievie me thought. They wiill say that I was drunk. Tey will say the at I dis this on purpse! TENY FU|VCING LIE!!! Ok, some of it is drunkenness! I am having torubbel with the ketybourd. DGOD Damnit~!!! I sore to myself that I would not be Affected! That I would be strong where others were eweak. God forive me buyt I think I have failed. I vcan only hope that this will provide gfor much humor in futore genertations~!

I’d say your guess was right. :smiley:


Put down that drink and s l o w l y back away from the computer.

Grab a huge glass (preferably plastic) slam a couple of those filled with water. Then go to your bed, lay down horizontally with your head on that soft fluffy thing called a pillow. Rest and sleep.

If for some reason you feel the need to get up before morning, grab another glass of water and an aspirin…no not the Tylenol, not the Advil but aspirin. Then go back to bed and sleep.

Pray for no headache in the morning.

I’d also advise putting some kind of bucket next to the bed.

On one of the two or three occassions where I’ve been full-blown drunk, I had to be carried back to my apartment, which I barely remember. When I woke the next day, there was a box lined with a trash bag next to my bed…and it was full of my own puke. The guy who carried me home was really thinking ahead.

Oh, and never do heavy lifting with a hangover. That was penance enough for three men.