Noone mention alcohol, please....

Man I feel like crap. This is the first time I’ve been puke drunk, and those barstards didn’t let me clean it up for th poor sods who have to clean the toilet. I feel like an arsehole. Mind you, it’s the first time I’ve seen black vomit. I’m almost impressed at myself, If I didn’t feel so crappy. While I type this, I’ve got a bucket cradled in my arms, and I’m tryimg to sober up before I go to sleep for fear of choking on my own vomit or soiling my sheets or something. I’m going to have a monster fucking hangover, and everyone’s abandoned me, even my goddamn girlfriend whose fault it is I’m this drunk anyway. Her and her goddamn goon. And she broke my cup. Dammit. Oh hell, death come quickly, I can’t stand muhc more this…

This should help

Head cheese? Where the hell is that bucket?

lieu, you just ain’t right.


Gee, it certainly helped me and I haven’t had a drink in about 2 1/2 years.

I have learned so much today ! :slight_smile:

Ok, I’m not feeling quite so bad now despite lieu’s link and GfH’s sig. On the other hand, I may regret this thread in the morning. Posting drunk never seemed to work for anyone else. Except for Homer, I guess. Is he still going here? Yeesh. It’s about 2AM in my neck of the woods and I still haven’t sobered up enough for me to go to aleep yet. Anyone got any suggestions to keep me awake?

count your toes. then your fingers. repeat process. when you are able to reach 21 consistently, you’re ready to sleep.



Whatever you do, don’t start count lemmings.

If you can type coherently you’re probably not going to die in your sleep. Drink some water and go to bed.

Wow. I haven’t had a drink since last Saturday, and now I’m sick.

Smoked pig brain is much better.

Oooh, maybe I shouldn’t have said that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm, I don’t feel like I’m gonna hurl anymore. I think I’m safe. What’s really troubling me, is that I left my ddor unlocked and someone came in and turned around the stubby holder on my monitor. I coulda sworn it was the other way around, and the door was open when I came back. Ah well, I’ll check if anything’s missing in themorning. Night all…

Too drunk to fall asleep? Never been there. Usually I just get the bed spins, puke, and somehow manage to get back to the bed before passing out. Then again, sometimes the cool bathroom floor is too attractive an alternative to my bed to resist.

My best friend’s birthday was Wednesday night. Many, many marguritas make Swiddle one drunk little girl. I hate puking in someone else’s toilet. Bah.

Heh… haven’t had a drink since the weekend but I don’t drink till I’m sick. Only time I get that way is when mixing heat with harder stuff than beer (ie extremely hot apartment and one too many vodka and sev drinks… or a hot tub with one too many then I get out of the hot tub and bam I’m getting sick)

Hangovers? I make sure I eat before and I haven’t had a hangover except for once when I didn’t. Lucky me!


Well, I guess this thread isn’t too stupid. At least I wasn’t raving about monkey butlers in pirate suits. :slight_smile: Head not too sore, after a glorious 4 hours sleep. It’s not that I like to drink till I’m sick, but last night must have been a dodgy reaction on a fairly empty stomach. That and my GF seems to like to pour her drinks my throat as well. I ususally like to stop drinking somewhere between not being able to walk straight and starting to think I can dance. I stayed up until the nausea went away, because I really wouldn’t have been able to go to sleep anyway, and sitting down is a much more comfortable position to cradle a bucket.

Well, I’m off for a big fried breakfast! Without the head cheese, of course…