Aye or Nay on a "Reform Negotiator"

“Company Intervener”
“Production influencer”
Do you, like me, believe that there should be an occupation that speaks for the majority by vote, that goes around negotiating with current companies on changing their ways?

“Hey, Honda! Mind stop producing gas cars and invest on going electric all the way?”
(I couldn’t think of leverages to persuade Honda to listen, so I’ll leave this parentheses.)

What do you think? A practical idea? Or no?

A “union representative”?

Doesn’t Honda’s marketing division already do this, and in much greater depth than listening to one representative?

Substitute “client” for “majority by vote”, expand “negotiation” to include “litigation” and the occupation already exits. We call them lawyers.

Isn’t the OP basically talking about organizing grass-roots campaigns? Like when public protests got the tuna companies to switch to dolphin-safe nets?

Who pays this person? In reality, of course, it would have to be a huge organization full of people. So, who pays? Are you suggesting this be a government function?

We also seem to already have such organizations, like The Sierra Club. They raise money through donations, I believe.

We already have those. They work at the office of Washington, Lincoln, Jackson, and Franklin.