B cup! I'm a B cup!

My breasts have finally reached the point that they can actually fill a B cup! That bra I bought a year ago finally fits!

I swear I put on a half cup size in a week. They weren’t this big last weekend.

Now I’m really wondering how big they’re gonna get. Nobody in my family, that I know of, is larger than a C cup.

I’m so happy! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Uh… Congratulations? :slight_smile:

And… (you knew it was coming, right?)…

Cite, please? I mean, you know, for verification. *

[sub]* long as you’re over 18… you are, right? What, you’re not? Never mind. Really. Never mind! No, I didn’t say that ^^ No, you don’t know me. Walk away, forget I was here. …

Have you been hitting the Bloussant Bust Enhancement Cream again?

But seriously, congratulations on your new and exciting cup size.

It’s kinda ironic…you’re very happy you are a B cup, and my GF would also be very happy if she were a B, but for the opposite reason, she wants smaller boobs. A D cup (and DD for some bras) just doesn’t suit her.

How much milk does a B cup hold?
:: Secretly happy that men’s “things” don’t come in talked about sizes… ::

Guys! Guys! I’m finally a “C” tube!

Congratulations, Kelly! :slight_smile: Now I’m really envious of you.

I laugh because Mrs. Pessor fluctuates between a 34A to a 34B depending on the bra manufacturer, as well as her body’s natural ebb and flow. Consequently, she picks a bra to fit her “breast mood” that day. If she’s off a day, sometimes she’s busting out at the seams (a ‘B’ breast hugged into a cute Vic Secret ‘A’ brassiere or top). Sometimes it’s a loosly fitting athletic type cut bra with not-so-much support for not-so-much breasts (can still sneek a peek… it’s the same exciting peek). It’s all still a trip for me as I never thought so much into (the breasts) in the beginning.

Eight years later, the A=B vs. B=A equation is still very cool. Congrats on your “B”… you overachiever!

When we have a letter system that rates the hiney, can I be a judge?

Welcome to the B-cup sisterhood, KellyM.

So, no pics?

Congrats, Kelly!

I have a few mtf trans friends and I know the “respectable breasts” milestone was a big thing for them.


I’m jealous. I just had to custom-order nursing bras because I’m too big to find anything comfortable in my size over the counter.

Seriously, though. Congrats.


I’m sorry…breasts…over the counter…I couldn’t resist. Yeah, I’m 12…

New and exciting? What the . . .

New for you, I guess. Exciting for the rest of us! :smiley:

I mean, it’s not like it’s a commercial: “New and improved!”

Good for you! Well done, you’re finally ready for an undergraduate qualification in the social sciences.

I believe the technical term is “ripening”.

This can’t possibly be correct. I’m afraid I’m going to have to get a warrant from the Department Of Unusual and Energetic Inspections (DUEI).

I will be too if the warrant comes through. God bless us all.

Sorry about that - for some reason when I saw the thread topic this just started floating around in my head. :smiley: