Babel Fish Guessing Game!

What has Babel Fish done this time? To my favorite poem, nonetheless! If you can, determine either the author, the title, or the whole excerpt of the translated text. If you are successful, you get 100 points and a boomerang! For starters, this one’s simple…

We are the music creators
and we are the dreamers of the dreams.
Rambling from the single switches of the sea and being based through the flows it desolates to you; Losing the world and forsakers of the world, on which the moon tipsy pale: However we are the motors and agitator of the world, in order always, it seems.

Oops, accidentally hit the submit thread button before I finished my post…argh.

Arthur O’Shaunessey, The Music Makers

You can keep th’ boomerang.

Good job, Ice Wolf. Here are your 100 points. Anyone care to try the next one?

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This one’s not a poem, but a true 'Doper should get it easily. :slight_smile: