Babies & Springtime.

If you have a broadband connection, and some time to waste…

a movie of my daughter at play. (10 MB QuickTime movie)

9.5 months old now…
(I’m sure this should goose my e-bore ranking… :smiley:


Throw a proud daddy a bone woncha? :wink:

Sooo cute!!! The dog checking her out as she crawls is really sweet. Hmmm, maybe someday I should get one of these rascals for myself (A baby not a dog) :smiley:

PS - Good choice of music, a spring day with the ones you love is beautiful indeed.

What a cutie!
(and a well put together movie to boot)

thanks for the heartwarming study break ** dave **

Thanks guys…great nic there Slainte :wink: