Baby Blues Comic Strip Gone?

I’ve been reading the comics on line using a paid subscription to Comics Kingdom for several years. All of a sudden today it’s gone with no explanation/announcement.

Zit’s, by the same folks is still there, at least for now.

Has anyone heard anything about why it’s gone?

Did it move? I see the current strip at Baby Blues for 1/12/2022 | Baby Blues | Comics | ArcaMax Publishing

It’s there all right. I did a search yesterday for baby blues on line and didn’t get any worthwhile hits in the first two pages.

I wonder if there’s a new player in town, website’s dated 2022, and has captured the rights. I see Beatle Bailey and many other on their list.


A rare reader of an actual newspaper here! Baby Blues was in the newspaper this morning.

I read it on Comics Kingdom as well. Baby Blues was gone for a day, then “replaced” by duplicate Zits strips. I think it’s just a glitch with Comics Kingdom.

Comics Kingdom does have mirror sites, such as the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, but they don’t have the strip at the moment, either.



The Baby Blues comic strip has signed on to a different syndicate:

“While AMS/GoComics doesn’t take up the strip for three weeks, KFS/Comics Kingdom has already dropped the strip from its digital platforms, so one of the few places to read the strip online in the interim is at ArcaMax.”

Baby Blues is on GoComics today, so that’s good. I did read it yesterday on ArcaMax.

Thanks for all the great information.