Baby born with blood alcohol content of .21

You read that right. The baby was born legally drunk. Dear old mum drank a case of beer a week while pregnant.

Poor baby. I hope the woman loses the rest of her children too.

That’s sad. I’m still holding to my theory that people should be somehow reversibly sterilized at birth and be required to pass a parenting test to have it reversed.

She never would have made it.

Maybe we need Qadgop or DoctorJ in here…is there any way this baby will grow up without any physical problems? Assuming, of course, it’s promptly adopted by a capable, loving family?

Sure, it’s possible to escape without problems. But far more likely to have some damage.

I’m amazed at how many of my patients (inmates) overtly look like fetal alcohol syndrome kids.

typical FAS facies

Something I’ve always wondered about FAS is that, a generation or two ago, women were not specifically warned off alcohol while pregnant. I’m sure that most mothers of babyboomers, for instance, had a couple of glasses of wine per week, or a gin-&-tonic, and so on, if they felt like it (not to mention a cigarette or two). Was FAS more widespread back then? Or not?

Three beers a day may or may not be damaging, but if you read your cite, you will find that the mother admitted to drinking eight beers that day (read 12-16), and that her BAC was .2915.

Oh, I know she was drunk when she gave birth. I was pointing out that this wasn’t the only time she got drunk during her pregnancy…that it seemed to be a regular occurrence for her.

How sad. Yet, no worse than crack babies born every day.

And to think there are people who cannot have children who fly all around the world to adopt children, and then there are women like this who give birth.

Things like this make me sick. I don’t understand what’s so hard about taking care of yourself and your unborn baby. If you’re going to have children, don’t drink! If you’re going to drink, DON’T HAVE CHILDREN!!!

One or two drinks while pregnant almost certainly will not harm your baby. Daily drinking and heavy binges will almost certainly harm your baby. The problem is that somewhere between those two extremes is a whole grey area where you pays your money and you takes your chances.

Since there is not an established “safe” amount to drink while pregnant, women are advised to avoid alcohol BUT no-one should be making a pregnant woman feel guilty if she has a glass of wine once in a blue moon, because it’s almost certain she’s not done any lasting damage.

If she’s drinking daily and labouring while half-cut… you can tell her she’s an irresponsible person and alcoholic in denial with my full blessing.

I was under the impression that there is a certain number of weeks in the pregnancy early on when women should not drink at all and after that time period has passed (it’s a certain number of weeks into the pregnancy) the risk of FAS drops and that’s when you can have a drink once in a blue moon (though not recommended). But if you have a drink during that particular time period you are really risking it. At least, that’s what my best friend’s father told me (neuropharmacologist or something…owns a drug company).

First twelve weeks has highest risks, but most organs formed between weeks 6 and 9 when some women will not be aware that they are pregnant.

You still have to drink a fair amount to get FAS though, a glass of wine a day won’t do it…in fact some obstetricians in France recommend pregnant woman drink a glass of wine a day to calm their nerves.

Actually, worse than “crack babies.” Crack babies is a media myth, which is not to say that smoking crack is great for babies, and all pregnant people should run right out and get some, but that the dangers and consequences have been greatly exaggerated (to sell magazines and promote the “War on Drugs”?).

From this site:

It is possible at this point that the term “crack baby” has mutated to mean “a baby born to disadvantaged, addicted people who is not likely to claw its way out of the hole it was born into”, but if we use the term to mean a baby born addicted to crack and therefore probably going to have developmental and mental problems because of it, we are perpetuating an incorrect perception.

We should be a whole lot more concerned about the effects of alcohol and cigarette smoking on fetuses.

Pretty horrible.

Anecdotally, when my dear old mum was carrying me, she lived on a CAF base in Werl, Germany.

Her doctor supplied her with a pamphlet that recommended a mother drink two glasses of beer a day, as part of a nutritional regimen. My mum has always hated beer, but she compromised and dutifully drank one glass of beer each day.Times change. (Thank god.)

Wasn’t there a time where pregnant women were encouraged to smoke too?

Yeesh. It’s a wonder Western Civiliation has survived at all, what with no infant car seats or immunizations 50 years or so ago.

Wow. That drawing of an FAS kid looks remarkably like Eric Smith , who was convicted of a brutal murder that he committed when he was only 13 years old.

Your sharpness and wit makes you one of my favorites on this board. It’s difficult to see that the one glass of a beer she drank every day has damaged you.

Thanks, TYM.

Still, I wonder how many women went the other way and figured that if two glasses a day was good, four glasses a day would be better…

When I last saw a documentary on FAS there was a couple where the woman had only had one drink the entire pregnancy and but had an FAS baby. The show suggested therefore, that although your chances are small if you only drink a little, you should not drink alchohol at all during pregnancy.

Oh, the population as a whole survived. It’s just that a lot more kids died.

3 of my dad’s sibs died before the age of 5 from diseases that are now regularly prevented or cured quite easily.

Of the 5 kids that great granddad had, only 2 survived.

The infant mortality rate in the US circa 1900 was 100. Currently it’s about 7.
(cite: )

So scoff if you will, ivylass. But more kids are living past the age of 5 mainly because of things like immunizations, better hygiene, removing of toxins from the environment, better access to medical care, etc. And fewer kids are having to live crippled by those diseases too.

Now, many of the “social” darwinists thing that’s a bad thing, as it’s “detrimental to the species” in their minds. But I think it’s a good thing for the parents and the surviving kids. YMMV.