"Baby Got Back" The Legacy of Sir Mixalot

“Baby Got Back” is an oddity. There are tons of older songs that still get played for their kitch value. For example: ANY New Kids on the Block Song; “You Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer; and of course, “Ice, Ice Baby.”

What’s odd about “Baby Got Back” is that unlike NKOTB people actually seem to still like the song. When it’s randomly played at a club or wedding reception or someone tries to do a horrible karaoke rendition, the cheers seem to be genuine. The kitch is still very much a factor but nobody seems to have anything really bad to say about the song.
Am I wrong about this song? If I’m not are there any other songs that people listen to for the kitch without actually despising it. And hell, if you DO have something negative to say about Sir Mixalot’s opus, let’s hear it.

the first thing I can think of that I like for the kitsch and by itself is I Will Survive.

It’s funny, it’s smart, and it’s got a better message about women than an awful lot of rap. What’s not to like?

Small butts?

I think Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing” falls into the same camp as “Baby Got Back,” too.

Sir Mixalot has been doing weekend radio here in the Seattle area, he hosted a talk show on KIRO-AM a few weekends ago.

Any song off the Monsters of Rap album is an old classic that people seem to enjoy.

Couldn’t agree more. Love this CD. And love this song, for all the reasons stated above.

But how is this song any different from any other solid “oldie” - ouch, it hurts to say that!

There are a ton of 80’s songs that stand up that way. Jeez, look at **(That’s) What I Like About You by the Romantics ** - it was a minor hit in back in the day, but how many different commercials have used that song - it was even used as the title of a sitcom, and I seem to remember hearing a rockier version of it in a movie commercial recently. But it is more than a nostalgic song - it’s great! It holds up and still sounds current. It was used in that Lindsey Lohan/JLCurtis remake of Freaky Friday - so now when my band plays at events that involve kids (sometimes we play nightclubs; sometimes we play Last Day of School gigs at our kids’ elementary school - such is the life of a mid-life crisis band) all the kids sing along with all the lyrics…

It just seems that “Baby Got Back” is listened to more for the kitch value than for nostalgia purposes. Maybe it’s just me.

It’s really not popular with that many people. Just women who think their asses are too big, and men who could see having sex with them.

Which covers what, 80-90% of America?

Nah, white women love that song. They also love “I Will Survive”, which was already mentioned. They love Sir-Mix-A-Lot for the cheese factor, they love Gloria Gaynor because they all “identify” with the song’s lyrics.

Then they do the white girl dance, which is one finger up in the air and everything else doing some miscellaneous dance.

Least Original User Name Ever, you forgot to mention “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” I have an unashamed, abiding love for all three–fun lyrics and, man, can you dance to them.

For something truly disturbing and deeply hilarious, here’s Jonathan Coulton’s cover of “Baby Got Back”.

And for those of you with a more classical bent, try this.

I agree too. Except ‘Ice Ice Baby,’ ‘U Can’t Touch This’ and ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’ seem to be enjoyed more for their nostalgic kitsch. I recently re-discovered ‘Things That Make You Go Hmm,’ and that is one great party song. So is ‘I Got a Man.’ Well, shoot, that whole album is pretty tits!

Now that’s a big ass.

Hate that song. Hate that other song played for kitsch value “Paradise By the Dashboard Lights” which was requested repeatedly at my wedding and which Brainiac4 had to explain to the DJ “no, I’m writing the check…if that song gets played, I won’t get sex on my honeymoon and I won’t write you a check.”

It probably isn’t “just you.” But its certainly “not me.”

I do like Love Shack, which gets played at all events of “persons my age” for its kitsch value.

Baby Got Back is my cell’s oh-so-amusing ringtone when I’m not at work.

And inevitably, a few months ago I forgot to change it back to the worksafe one, and it rang on a train when I was sitting working away in my suit, surrounded by other quietly working businesspeople in their suits. As I ran out of the carriage in embarrassment, I was happy to notice that most of them were breaking their holes laughing at me.


And of course, the glorious original.

The rhymes are mad solid, after all. “baby I wanna get wit’chaaa, and take your pit’chaaa”, is possibly one of the best pickup lines ever uttered in a rap song.

Love the dig at my girl in the video, it’s cute. Personally I liked her body back then, but lately I find her too thin.

Seriously, though. “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun.” Classic!