Baby killer gets 8 years, possibly even less

This fucking enrages me. People like this should die a fucking painful death.,4057,8140887^26462,00.html

Hey look, something bad happened in the world today, let’s start a pit thread!

What the fuck are we supposed to put in the Pit? Cookie recipes?

Only if they are evil coookie recipes that deserve to die.

By the way … This seems to be the link that was pooched in the OP.

Here is a working link, should anyone require it.

Well, you may be a bit faster than I am, Jack, but at least that post gave me a higher count than you.

Neener neener.

By the way part II: Holy fuck!! That’s sickening.

Manslaughter, schmanslaughter.

Painful notwithstanding – the death penalty was made for crimes like this. There is no way anyone who could do this deserves to share my planet. He defaulted on his warranty. His ticket has been voided. Sorry. Thanks for playing, you gotta go now.


:smack: I must be crosseyed.

The death penalty was abolished in Australia a long time ago Jack Batty and very few of us want it back, even for scum like this.

more stories from non-tabloid sources
The New South Wales Opposition is questioning both the sentence and legal process of a case in which a man received 11 years’ jail for the death of a seven-month-old baby.
Family shocked at baby killer’s sentence

Far be it from me to flaunt in the face of Australia’s rules.

'Twere it up to me, I’d pull his plug. As it is, I’d think he should at least spend the rest of his life in prison.

Christ almighty, he crushed the baby’s toes one by one with a clamp.

I cannot imagine a punishment too bad for this utter filthbag. I hesitate to consider it human.

Holy shit.


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Let’s crush your toes one by one with a clamp and see if you feel like starting a pit thread.

Hey, WorldEater! I’ve agreed with you now in two threads.

What a fuckwit. The maximum sentence for manslaughter is 25 years, and Hoerler was prepared to serve it – but Hizzoner unilaterally decides that some other judge’s lowest sentence for murder should be the maximum sentence for manslaughter. Against all reason, against the legislated will of the people, against the obvious fact that this WAS the most exceptional of circumstances, an ACTING justice has turned precedent on its head and committed a gross injustice – because it’s what he thinks is “right.”

This is the sort of thing that makes moderates vote Republican, y’know… (if it were in the US, that is – there’s no shortage of similar cases over here)


Torturing babies… voting Republican.

Getting off with a light sentence… voting Republican.

I can almost see a connection, but I don’t think it’s the one you intended. :wink: Do the Seattle Democrats run on a pro-baby-torture platform or something?

Sorry, was that so far out there? I tend to think of light-sentencing judges in heinous cases like this as liberals, the “it’s not his fault, it was the way he was raised” types. But I guess conservative judges might also make the same sort of error from time to time, I don’t really know.