Baby nicknames

I called both of my grandpas Bup. Apparently, that’s how Baby Me pronounced grandpa. My sisters followed suit. Even now, when talking to my cousins who had the same grandpas, I never know how to talk about grandpa because I CANNOT say grandpa, they will always be Bup and to my cousins they are grandpa. They must think I’m a kook. I usually say, “Bup, umm er grandpa”.

My nephew couldn’t pronounce Paula. It came out Peedin, and Peedin I’ve been for 60+ years.

My niece (who is now 29) is named Chloe. When she was a baby, her mother (my sister) and our parents sometimes intentionally mispronounced her name as CH-low. And, that evolved into “the Piece of Chileef,” a line from the old sitcom Soap, in which Gordon Jump played Chief of Police Tinkler, who was prone to spoonerisms, and once referred to himself as “the piece of chileef.”

Close to 30 years later, we still sometimes call her that.

Interesting. I was imagining another origin…

This is so embarrassing, but when I was a young lad I couldn’t pronounce my Aunt Arlene’s name, so for the first 7 or 8 years of my life (until I just couldn’t bring myself to say it anymore), she was Aunt Weenie.

Had bright orangish red hair. My mother would call be “Sam” as in Yosemite Sam. I was a huge baby, over 10 pounds. My Pop called me Butch.

I’m surprised he let you get away with that. My only maternal cousin is Joseph ____ IV. (and yes, our great-grandfather was still alive when he was born) Great-Grampy was Joe Sr, Grampy was Joe to everyone but his parents who called him Junior all his life, and my uncle was Joey. So naturally, my cousin was “Baby Joey.”

At least until he screamed at us when he was five “I’m not a baby! Stop calling me Baby Joey!” And from that point on he was Joey 4 :slight_smile:

My husband had an uncle who was Howard Jr, so they called him Junior. When his son, Howard III was born, be became Junie, and so he remains (he’s close to 70 now.)

The grandboy is named James (and will NEVER be called Jim or Jimmy, etc!!! per mom). His paternal grandfather has the first name James (but uses a different name), and an uncle with the first name James (but uses a different name). The nickname I use for baby James is “Three”.