Nicknames for the Kids

Nicknames for the kids

What do you call your children or what were you called as a child?

My father (a U.S. Marine) refered to my bother and I as “Maggots” or “the Offspring”. Our paternal grandfather called us “Monkeys.” No wonder I’m in therapy :rolleyes:

The best nicknames for one’s children came from a pHd I work with, “the F1’s”

My own kids:

Oldest (son) – nothing special, maybe Bud at times
Middle (daughter) – Bullet, later Bullita
Youngest (son) – Dinky, Dooley, Dinky Dooley

Myself (by Daddy) – Grosse Brat
Younger brother (by Daddy) – Kleine Brat

Daddy served in Germany in WWII if that explains why the German. Mama may have had nicknames for us as little kids, but they didn’t stick.

At various times, and not for long at a time, kids and grandkids have been things like Booger, Coach, Chief, Leroy, Pumpkin, Dude, and other assorted things.

For a brief period in high school when I wore an eye patch while I was recovering from a stye, I got to be One-Eye.

During my weirder days, co-workers called me Spook.

That’s about all I can come up with off the cuff. Surely there were others.

My dad always called me “Pete”. I have no idea why. My name is nowhere close to Pete and we didn’t know anyone by that name.

My 2½ year old granddaughters name is Abby. One time when she pitched a fit about something, she wasn’t showing off her bad attitude. She was showing off her “Abbytude”. Sometimes now when she is grumpy we refer to her as “The Tude”. :eek: :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

Oldest (6), Girl: Sweetie, Sweetie-Pie, The E-Girl, “M”
Middle (3), Boy: The C-Man, Buddy, Bud
Youngest (1), Girl: Han

We called my son “Little Bob” for a while because that was pretty much the only sound that came out of his mouth for a while. “Bob. Bob. Bob. Bob. Bob. Bob. Bob. Bob. Bob. Bob”

older boy (6): Bub
younger boy (4): Bean

“Our little lab rats”

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Ohh. Sorry about the One-Eye. When I was 23, I got braces and I always needed glasses. My friends called me 21 because I always had to show that I was over 21.

Now I just turned 29, the braces are gone and I wear contacts. :cool:

At work I’m the Mouse Maven because I’m in charge of our transgenic mouse colony.

Sometimes when my mom was pissed at me she’d call me Sarah Jane, as in “you’d just better watch yourself, Sarah Jane”. I have know idea why. Perhaps because my real name is one of those happy-go-lucky names that ends in “i” and “Sarah Jane” just sounded more stern(?)

Not what was asked, but when my brother, who was five at the time, found out my parents were about to adopt a baby girl I became “Pretty Orange”. When he got mad at them he’d say “when Pretty Orange gets here I’m gonna take her and run away”

By the way, that same brother as well as my cousin *never * refer to me by my real name, and haven’t in probably 25 years. I am and always will beJerry,(preferably said in a mock retarded voice), in reference to “Jerry’s kids”. Sounds horribly un-pc, I know, but it really is a term of affection.

Shayla (10 weeks): Shayla Bean, Beanie Girl, Monkey Toes (she has exceptionally long toes).

My mom used to call me “Jill the pill”.

I call my daughter “Punky”.

I subscribe to the theory that nicknames should be longer, not shorter. As if “Christopher” weren’t a long-enough first name, I have to call him “Kristoff L’Amour.” :slight_smile:

My whole family has nicknames for me. Dad calls me “Jester,” (both because my name is Jessica and because … well, I don’t know if there’s another reason, so I guess it’s “Jess-ster” then), Mom calls me “Petunia”, and my brother calls me “Meathead.” This might be amusing if my seven-year-old nephew (who I refer to as “Tough Guy”) hadn’t latched on and started occasionally calling me “Aunt Meathead.”

I mentioned that some co-workers called me Spook. This would have been in the early 70’s. In the late 80’s my wife and I visited an old co-worker who had moved to Cincinnati back in the late 70’s. His kids, who were little rugrats at the time I first knew him, were now approaching adulthood, but still teenagers. The younger of them referred to me as Mr. Spook!

Parents are strange. I have a long first name and I prefer to be called by a short version of it. When my mother was angry at me, she’d call me by my full name and if my middle name came after it I was really F***ed!

To this day, if I hear my full name I think: :eek:

As previously mentioned in a similar thread, I was “Schnickelfritz”, which at the time my parents told me meant “Princess.” :dubious: (It means “Fritz’s penis”!)

My son is Squirt, 'cause when he was a baby…well, lets just say his father forgot that bit about keeping him covered up during a diaper change and got hit. In the mouth.

The baby has more nicknames than a platoon at boot camp. Monkey Girl, Little Bit, Baby Girl, Monkeytoes, Pumpkin Belly, Sweetie Pie…

And, when she’s particularly cantankerous, Schnickelfritz. :smiley:

I don’t have 'em & never plan to, and I don’t remember my folks calling us anything weird, just our names or “the kids.”

I like some of the terms I’ve heard from others over the years, though. Such as:

And, of course, Rug-rats.

Anybody got any more of those to share? Please?!

My former housemate’s daughter became The Monster, after it became apparant that she empathized with the monsters in her movies. (When watching Shreck, she helped Princess Fiona blow up the bluebird; When watching Dinosaur, she cheered on the carnotaurs. Don’t get me started about the mistake of showing Lilo & Stitch to her.)

Lets see…

My dad (rest his soul) used to call me Squirt all the time (and I’m a girl.) He called my brother Butch. His name is NOT butch.

For my son (3 months) I call him monkey or munchie. My husband calls him Buddy.


We called our son “The Boy” for a long time (that’s what Homer called Bart). When we had our second son it didn’t work anymore.

Now we sometimes call them Fred and George, after the twins in Harry Potter, and they argue as to which of them is Fred and which is George.