Nicknames for the Kids

My cousin and I were always referred to as ‘brats’ or ‘kiddo’ My mother called me ‘beastly’. I got the usual ‘pumpkin’, ‘sweetie’, etc. from my grandmother.

How strange… same here, sometimes even Pedro Pete. Even now, that leaves me with a “What the…”

We’ve had too many nicknames for our daughter to recall.
“Sweet Pea” for a long time, but now it’s almost always “Pook.” No reason, it just seems to roll out easiest.

My son (2 1/2) gets referred to as Fang on the boards.
He is usually called by his name, unless he’s being silly, when I’ll call him Monkey-boy.

I also call him Son and Boy.

His mother calls him Sweetpea.

My favorite is House Apes. But it really pisses off a lot of Dopers, for some reason I don’t understand. (That is, the term pisses them off. Not me liking it. Or perhaps both.)

Hi WhyNot - I posted a thread directed towards you the other day in MPSIMS, just wondering how you and your baby daughter are doing?

Anyway, we call our baby (3.5 months old) peanut, sweetpea, princess … y’know, the usual things you call an adorable baby girl.

My first name is Lisa and my only real nickname in the family was from my uncle, who called me Lisa Mageesa … and still does. :slight_smile:

Also, knee biters.
Someone on the board recently referred to someone else’s rotten kid as a “crotch apple”, which I thought was pretty funny.

My daughter was The Kid until her brother was born. Now she is The Girl, and he is of course The Boy. He is also Pet or Sugarpet, and the girl is Mighty Boobs. :o

Another thought. . .

One of my house-mates calls children “short people” and my brother calls his son “Little man”.

Favoritism on my dad’s side of the family is shown by who is referred to as ‘The Kids’ by their parents. In my dad’s generation, it was my aunt and her family. Although the irrational hatred my grandparents harbored toward my mother resulted in him being the Anti-Kid, she’s picked it up for my brother and his family. As in, “Are you still coming for lunch on Easter? The Kids will be here at eleven.”

Some friends of my parents had a daughter who was very clingy as a toddler, and the husband often referred to her as ‘the growth.’

My brother calls his son ‘Bubba,’ which drives my mom up the wall (we come from a long line of rednecks, a fact that she prefers to forget), and often refers to my niece by my name, because she’s pretty much a blonde mini-me (I’m a brunette) of me at that age. (Payback’s a bitch, bro!) He refers to them collectively as The Children of the Damned, and The Spawn of Satan.

What *don’t * we call our kid?

Sweetpea, Sweetie, Chlo-Chlo, Chlo-girl, Chloinator, Boo Boo, Bah-bah, Bebe, Goober, Shorty, the list goes on. It’s almost surprising she knows her actual name. When she was born, she had her hand up next to her mouth, which is what caused me to tear, so for a few weeks I called her “Dr. Evil.”

I must have inherited it from my mother, who called me: Toozy Potsy, Missy Moomoo, Beezy, Mon petit choux, and a host of more common nicknames.

My dad used to call the three of us The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. And we’d argue over who was who. He never told us.

Ditto. It must be the first thing all Marines are ‘debriefed’ on after leaving Paris Island.

Jessie (10): Goose, Chickie, Zaareeka, Tweekles, Boychick, Caboose.

Jennifer (8): Turtle, Fen-Phen, Bing-a-bung, Beeples, Booble-Bop, Chinga-Chunk.

Darn, I’m sorry I missed that! (I thread about lil ol’ us? And I missed it? Fer shame!) She’s great. Expect a full update in a few days to mark the occasion of her first birthday! [insert cheering and much ado].

Collectively: the boys, the kids.

Boy, 4 1/2: nothing really; just widely-recognized nicknames of his proper name.
Boy, 2 1/2: Puppy, Pup.
Boy, 5 mos.: Peemee (the 2 1/2 year old’s word for “peanut” back when the baby was born); Little man.

I don’t use it often enough to really qualify as a nickname, but I frequently call our daughter “Fruit of My Loins.”

Cracks her up every time! :slight_smile:

Ooh, WhyNot, glad to hear everything is good - can’t believe it’s been a year!

And upon rereading the thread, I have to point out that when Chloe’s being goofy, my husband calls her “Dinglefritz.” I don’t think he even knows where he came up with that.

Oh, and I’m told my folks started calling me “The Pink Stink” after they were remiss in laundering my favorite pink blanket sleeper, and the feet (mine *and * its, I suppose) started to smell bad.

Can’t claim anything quite so evocative but my two sons may have been the only two whose ears perked up in the grocery store when they heard me bellow “COME ON YOU LITTLE MONSTERS”. No disrespect intended, of course.

I also called them both “snooks” and “kidlet”. (Did Dr. Laura also call kids that? shudder)

My Dad used to call me Moog, my brother Bup, and my sister Dudge. The first two were derivatives of what my brother and I called each other before we were able to speak well enough to pronounce each others’ real names. Dudge was a shortened version of something I used to call my sister - just a weird nonsense name that popped into my head one day and stuck.

I’ve always called my son The Boy or (when he was being difficult) My Beloved Child .

My grandsons are The Jedi.

We called our daughter Poot, Puddin, or Pud.

The only thing my folks called me other than my given name was my given name in Polish.

I just have to let you know, I read the above as “… in charge of our transgendered mouse colony.”

I thought, whoa, mice? I guess I had a rougher week than I thought. Must sleep many hours tonight.

Back on topic, I was also Jill the Pill.

I have a “peanut” and a “pumpkin”. Both bestowed by the pediatrician who assisted at the births.

I bet there are a lot of “peanuts” out in the heartland.