Baby Robin

So, I read the thread about the old crow last night. Then this morning I was in the yard with my nephew when we saw the cat had something in it’s mouth. A baby bird! My first instict was to leave the cat as it must have done some harm, but then I remembered that thread and that old crow. By this time the cat had sauntered off somewhere with it’s trophy. The parent birds gave his position away, so I went over and found the cat under a bush playing with it (the cat has no front paws- no brain either, but that’s another story). I ducked under the bush and noticed that the baby bird seemed ok. I swatted the cat away and picked the bird up. Wow, baby birds have such cute eyes. They seem to have nice eye lashes. Anyway, I figure the best thing to do is bring it back to where the cat found it and leave it or the parent birds to take care of. So, this I did, at the protest of my nephew. So as I’m walking away, I’m think- what’s the parent bird going to do with the baby sitting on the ground? Obviously it fell out of the nest. Now the bird will be neglected and starve alone on the ground. Oh man!

So I go back to the bird and pick it up and bring it inside. I wrap it in a towel and try to think of what next to do. Looking at the bird, it seemed fine with no signs of harm. The bird kept opening it’s mouth looking for food and giving off quiet chirps. All in all, a cute little guy. So, I went to my computer and tried a few searches to dig up some info. Well, it turns out the bird is an American Robin ( I got a good look at the parents when they were going after the cat). The site said that robins finish their rearing on the ground. The article said that if you find one on the ground that you should leave it , but to keep an eye on it, as the parents should come back to it within about 2 hours, or so. Oh great! So I SHOULD have left it! Grrr.

Well, I brought the bird back outside and left it were the cat had found it. I placed it on a tuft of grass in the shade and here I am now. The cat is on the floor beside me with a content look on it’s face as he naps- the meat head. So what now?!? I’m having my nephew keep and eye on it from the window to see if the parents come back. So far they have not shown up (but only been an hour or so). So now, thanks to the cat, I have this baby bird to worry about. I guess I won’t be leaving the window for a few hours. If I do decide to take the bird in, how do I care for it? What do I feed it? Should I just call someone?

I’m going to guess you mean claws.
Or has kitty taken to playing with the table saw?

Watch for the parent birds. Chase away other kitties if you get any. I don’t know if you can get an ornithologist on the phone on a Sunday morning where you are, but call someone. Animal control?