Baby shoes

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Our 9mo has never possesed a pair of shoes, but she will be walking soon. When she’s at home with us she will still go bare-foot, but she’ll definitely need shoes when we go out. It may take another month or two for her to learn how to walk, but we’ll be travelling in two months and shoes will definitevely be needed.

All the shoes I find here are of either the “little pink princess” variety or the “mini-bitches and hos” variety. I want sensible shoes, but there seems to be a sensible shoes embargo in our fair country. So… since I have to buy them over the internet, with enough time for them to make it here, I have to start shopping now.

So… what is the best brand of sensible shoes for babies that are learning how to walk or are just starting. They have to be fresh because they will be used in the summer and not extraordinarily expensive as they won’t be used for long. And how do I know which size to buy?

For someone who’s owned almost as many shoes as Imelda I am pretty baffled by baby shoes.

I suggest you check out the Stride Rite site. I think they wrote the book on baby shoes. They even have a calculator for figuring out what size your baby needs.

I sold kids shoes throughout college. Stride Rite is the best brand I can recommend.

I second the Stride Rite recommendation. I think JC Penney sells them, too. They were the first shoes for both my kids; a little pricey (around $30) but good quality, good fit, and flexible enough in the sole not to interfere with natural foot movement.

I’ll third the Stride Rite suggestion and would add Clarks as a good second…it’s what we’ve resorted to since I can’t get Stride Rites in Australia. Since you’re out of the U.S., you might find Clarks easier to get.

Maybe you should get her the aforementioned jackboots?

Really, though, I have to echo the Stride Right crowd. They are pricey, but sturdy and simple in design. I also know people who swear by Robeez and the various knockoffs thereof, but they never fit my kids very well.

Boy, do you have some powerful juju if you want to start playing craps.

At the Journeys shoestore in my mall they sell little baby converse. So cute!

OK, Stride Rite it is. Thanks guys. If you have any other suggestions feel free to share, I’ll have to buy shoes all the time anyways.

OK, Stride Rite it is. Thanks guys. If you have any other suggestions feel free to share, **I’ll have to buy shoes all the time anyways.[/**QUOTE]
You have no idea…It’s like the minute they have to wear shoes, someone fills them with kryptonite and their feet keep growing…and growing…and growing.

(But I like the fact that baby feet look like Fred Flintstone’s feet!)

Are the shoes for dress up or protection?
My kids never wore shoes until they were probably 2 or so because they just took them off. Socks too.

Both prefer to be barefoot to this day.
Buskins look really cute and are suppose to be near impossible for kids to remove. ( HAH!)
Oooooooh, Bunny shoes!

Chicken shoes!

OMG …animal shoes that are ka-ute!

My 19-month-old went barefoot until last Fall, when we bought him a pair of the aforementioned Robeez. He loves them. We love them. They’re cute, fit well and protected his little feet from the elements all winter. They’re more like slippers than shoes, and similar to walking barefoot. They have a variety of cute styles that aren’t to princessy or ho-like. :wink: They even have stone plain blue, brown or pink, I believe. I really like them and plan on getting another pair soon; the pair he’s in are wearing out!

When she really starts walking, may I put in a bid for “whatever is on sale at Target or Payless.” I’ve had direct comparisons in our house between 30-40 dollar Stride-Rites and 10-15 dollars store brands from Target and the expensive ones really don’t last any longer, once they hit the playground.