Babylon 5 nitpick: How could G'Kar and Mariel . . . you know . . .

In the Babylon 5 episode Soul Mates, Londo Mollari summons his three hated wives, Timov, Daggair, and Mariel, to attend him at the station. The emperor has granted him permission to divorce all but one of them, and he wants to spend a little time with them all before he makes his choice.

In the course of the episode, it develops Mariel has not only been playing Londo false, but doing so with his worst enemy: Ambassador G’Kar!

As character development, that works deliciously!

Anatomically, however . . .

In the first episode, The Gathering, G’Kar tries to solicit the human telepath Lyta Alexander as a breeder in a program to create a telepathic human-Narn hybrid – the Narn having no telepaths of their own. He offers to be the sperm donor himself, and by natural rather than artificial insemination. “Now, would you prefer to be conscious or unconscious during the procedure? I would prefer conscious, but I don’t know what your pleasure threshold is!” [grins]

So, it appears Narns are sexually compatible with humans.

Centauri, OTOH, have very different . . . attributes. They appear practically identical to humans with their clothes on. But a Centauri male has six sex organs – tentacles extruding from the sides of his body, three on a side; and a female has six corresponding orifices. (Imagine the possibilities! :slight_smile: )

So how could any species that is sexually compatible with humans also be sexually compatible with Centauri?!

Never underestimate the power of kink.

It will find a way.

They’ve both got hands and mouths. You can have a lot of fun just using your hands and mouth in bed.

…I don’t see the problem. G’Kar’s thingy goes in one of the ladies’ thingys… and he’s got two hands… to she’s half taken care of.

Might work between, say, a man and a ewe, but here we’re talking about a man and a spider, as it were.

And trust me, it does! :wink:

Of course, I shouldn’t dismiss the possibility entirely, considering the endlessly rich prospects offered by the free-range prairie squid . . .

I don’t see why it’d be that different. The show makes it pretty clear that both species have erogenous zones. They’ve just got different kinds of zones in different places. But there’s nothing stopping them from stimulating each other’s zones with fingers, tongues, or any other… tools they’ve got available.

Still . . . if the other species’ erogenous zones were really all that different from those of your own, you’d really have to, like, go out of your way, and maintaining your own species’ equivalent of a hardon in the process probably would, psychologically/genetically speaking, be really difficult (which is not to say impossible) . . .

And that’s to say nothing of the olfactory factor . . .

Speaking of which.

And that’s all within the one species.

True, but apparently, G’Kar gets off on that stuff. Guy’s a straight-up freak for alien women. He’s got terminal Kirkitus. Of course, that only explains half the equation: what do all the alien chicks he beds get out of it? Maybe he studies up on what he has to do before each encounter.


I mean, Kirk would do a Horta if she held still for 10 minutes . . .

Kirk? 3 minutes, tops.

Who says he didn’t? :eek:

Well, regarding the thing with Lyta, it should be noted that Narn are mammals (marsupials, actually,) so…you know…it’s more like making love to a kangaroo than it is, say, a lobster. :stuck_out_tongue:
But I surmise some type of genetic engineering would have taken place in utero after the insemination. In fact, odds are, it would be much better to just nab some of her eggs and go the ol’ test tube route, but what fun would that be for either party? :smiley:

It’s quite clear, over the course of the series, that G’kar is a perv. Specifically (among other things), he has a thing for human and superficially-human females: In another episode, the one thing he and Londo can agree on is their appreciation of the exotic dancer they’re both watching (I don’t remember if we see enough of her to tell if she’s human or Centauri, but she’s certainly not Narn). I wouldn’t be particularly surprised if his offer to Lyta was just a really cheesy pickup line, with no actual expectation of offspring.

That said, there’s one episode where we see three (human) painted ladies exiting G’kar’s private quarters with very satisfied looks on their faces, followed by G’kar himself in a bathrobe. I reiterate, three of them. At the same time. So maybe Narn, like Centauri, also have multiple… attributes, and he was only planning on using one at a time with Lyta. But given the opportunity, he could service multiple humans simultaneously, or a single Centauri.

I’ll also reiterate the very satisfied look on those painted ladies’ faces. Whether by natural endowment, or special effort on G’kar’s part, Narn (or maybe just G’kar specifically) are apparently great lovers. Which may say something about what Mariel sees in him. Or she may just enjoy delivering Londo the ultimate insult.

There was other inter-species sex that would have gone on, in B5.

Remember how the newly encountered race, the Lumati(sp?) sealed special contracts? And how Ivanova handled it? One of the funniest scenes in the whole series. And the ambassador’s note, “Next time, my way.”