What alien would you do?

Being extremely bored and with a summer to warm to be outdoors, I decided to check out Babylon5. I’ve caught the odd episode on re-runs every now and then, but never got into it. For fans of the show, it’s obvious that I got hooked when I started to realize just the depth of it. However, this will be the subject of another thread.

Another thing that’s obvious, to me, is that I’d do Dalenn anytime, bony* head or with hair.
Which prompted me to start this thread, that could be enjoyed equally by women and men. So what alien species would you do? Klingon? Vulcan? Centauri? Chewbacca? Any fictional sentient alien is prime target for sexual fantasies here.
I understand if those with fantasies about Yoda won’t be forthcoming. :smiley:
*I do realize the amount of terribly bad puns that can be done with that statement. Please spare me and other readers of this thread.


I am sure the Alien Queen is hot in bed. But I think the Borg Queen would be about tops.

Pepperlandgirl - if we count demons and vampires as aliens…?

:very, very, very big :D:

Tyr Anasazi, out of Victoria by Barbarossa.

A Tonkinese, from Alien Nation, either movie or the series. Spots down the back and humming do it for me.

I’d have to go with a Romulan or a Trill.

Mmm… Donatra, Ezri, and Jadzia…

Trance Gemini

Salma Hayak.

(not being Mexican, she’s an alien to me)

Hah, yes, Tyr from Andromeda. Though, aren’t the Nietzcheans just genetically engineered humans? Do they count?

Also, Clark Kent as presented on Smallville, oh yes.

As arbitrator of this thread, I judge that Slama Hayek, while being alein in a political sense, and Clark Kent, while being alien in a cosmological sense, are both too human in chracteristics. Vorlons and borgs are OK for the purpose of this thread.
Osama Bin Laden, while a more alien mind than the borgs, is not.

Mariel, Londo’s third wife.

Eh, they consider themselves a seperate species, even if they probably aren’t strictly speaking. I don’t recall if it ever was established if a Nietzchean could successfully breed with a human or not. I lost interest about 3/4 of the way through the second season. Not even getting to watch Keith Hamilton Cobb and Kevin Sorbo (pant) was enough inducement to make me watch the disaster they made of that show.

Clark is too cute to live, though it’ll be interesting to see how the actor turns out in ten years or so. Now Lex…

Unfortunately, OP wise, he’s human.


The naked blue chicks from the original Star Trek series. :wink:

That, or 7 of 9.

Max Evans. I don’t know what sort of alien he is (I forget the planet name), but god he’s hot, and he’s got interesting powers.

Saavik. Half-Romulan chicks are hot.
Zhaan and Chiana from Farscape.
Ryoko, from Tenchi Muyo. For that matter, pretty much any of the alien chicks (except for Sasami, of course) that shacked up with that lucky bastich. :slight_smile:

Worf figures quite heavily in my erotic fantasies. I’d let him recite Klingon poetry to me anytime, while I throw the heavy objects!

But there’s someone else, and try not to laugh. Vir Cotto. He’s just so nice a guy, sweet really. No, he’s not handsome or dashing, but neither am I beautiful, by human standards anyway. He’s honorable and trustworthy. And I like the way he rejected Morden. Also the way he chopped up the fruit vendors stall, calling him “spoo for brains.”

Though I’m not attracted to males, I can’t help but wonder what anyone would see in Flounder of Animal House fame.
Obviously MMV.

Robin Curtis or Kirstie Alley? I’d go with Robin… meowr.

Natasha Henstridge in Species (at least, she was hot until her nipples turned into green tentacles.)