Babylon 5: The Lost Tales == Ass

I didn’t even know this thing existed, until for some reason I caught it on the OnDemand movie thingy on my cable system. Apparently it’s a direct-to-DVD/cable release. This first one contains two shorts, roughly 35 minutes each. Apparently the DVD contains some additional features but those were not part of the cable package.

Anyhoo, it’s total ass.

Here’s a summary:

Episode 1 concerns Colonel Lochley (yes, Colonel.) I don’t know how someone gets promoted from Captain to Colonel, since those two ranks are pretty much the same, but the whole rank structure on B5 never made any sense anyway. It’s ten years in the future. Lochley has requested a Catholic priest come to the station because one of her security guards is possessed by an evil demon.

Lochley and the Priest then have a long, drawn out conversation about religion for half an hour during which nothing happens. Then they figure out the demon’s big secret and defeat him!

Also, Tracy Scoggins looks absolutely horrid in the role – her face is all fucked up and Botoxy.

Episode 2 is about President Sheridan, returning to B5 from Minbar and he has to pick up a young Centauri prince on the way. During the journey, he has a long, drawn out conversation with a techno-mage during which nothing happens, and then has a series of long, drawn-out conversations with the Centauri prince. After one of those, something happens, but it’s pretty damn obvious that it was going to happen anyway.

Bruce Boxcutter looks good with a gray goatee, though.
So, in conclusion, total ass.

I concur with your assessment sir.

Still, by pissing so thoroughly on B5 JMS and his buds have killed any lingering interest I might have had

I forgot to mention that JMS also directed both episodes. The first is so full of lingering dutch angles that I wanted to lose my lunch.

It kinda reminded me of Battlefield Earth.