Babylon 5: The Lost Tales (Spoilers)

I ran out at lunch today and bought it. Everybody does know it was released today, right? :wink:

There was only the one copy there at Border’s so anybody who might have visited that store later in the day would have been out of luck.

OK, I might end up typing some spoilers so I’ll leave the details for post #2

Well, if you’re a big B5 fan like me, revisiting the old gang is great. Even if we do just get the three old-timers – Crusade counts as “old time”, right?

What you get is two separate stories that just happen to take place just before the tenth anniversary celebrations of the ISA. The biggest disappointment of this DVD is that the stories are rather short, just a smidge over a half-hour apiece. Still, it’s worth it to see the B5 universe in action again.

The first story is interesting and would fit in as a typical mid-season B5 episode, but without the connection to “larger events” that one might expect. It’s rather religious in nature, which sort of surprised me, and it didn’t have the resolution I would have expected. It involves a demon who possesses some random crew member … and it turns out to really be a real old-fashioned Old Testament demon. I kept expecting the “big reveal” but didn’t get it. I’m left wondering if I missed something, or if JMS was deliberately vague here to leave people wondering.

The second story I enjoyed more, although you see the ending coming from early on. I think the reason I liked this better is that it just felt good to see Sheridan in action again. And Galen popping in to be annoying, I must admit, is sort of fun, too.

The interviews are fun, but nothing revealing. There are also a couple of special memorials to Richard Biggs and Andreas Katsulas that are quite nice and moving.

Well, that’s my two cents worth. I definitely urge everyone to run out or go to Amazon and buy this DVD right away so that we can see more of these released from time to time.

The word from JMS is that if this one sells, they’ll do about 1 a year until they stop selling. He also mentioned that while these were a bit on the short side, he has stories on tap that are quite a bit longer. Seeing as there are virtually no sets to speak of, they can crank these out on the cheap, which makes the bottom line look very nice to the studio. Mine arrived this morning, and is scheduled to be watched before Eureka tonight.

I just watched this last week, and I’m surprised that there isn’t more comments in this thread. I came a little late into the whole Babylon 5 thing, but I’ve become as hooked as anyone, and I’ve even gotten my wife hooked (if slow, she’s 2 episodes from the end of season 5).

I have to say that the first part of the show was a little slow, but I really enjoyed the 2nd half with Sheridan. I really liked how they mentioned that G’Kar and Franklin were exploring beyond the rim. Explains nicely why we won’t see them in future B5 materials, and as a homage to them. There were some really good lines, including where the reporters (the original doctor from Stargate, nice to see her again) camara was located… And the reason that the reports don’t come back. However, we have never heard of this faster form of Hyperspace before. Makes me wonder when they discovered it.

Well, now that this thread has been bumped, I hope to read other peoples reaction to it… And if you haven’t gotten it yet, make sure you do, its definably worth it.