Back Ailments: How to Cope?

Just wondering is any SDopers have/had the pain of sciatica. How do/did you cope until the doctor could see you? I am on an anti-inflammatory Rx and a pain-killer Rx (from the PCP). They help to minimize the pain, but I’m still often squirming to find relief. Sometimes, as often as every 20 seconds, I must shift. It’s driving me insane. I won’t see the doctor until next week! (MRI tomorrow.)

I know each case is different. Mine was cured for five years (until now) with about six weeks of therapy while on a steroid to “zap” the swelling. At present, a muscle relaxer was no help, and if anything, my sciatica increased once I was too weak to move or roll over in bed. Of course, I suspected the muscle relaxer (also from the PCP) wouldn’t help…

I’d especially like to know if ice on the lower back could prove more effective than heat?


  • Jinx

According to the research I have read, ice is more effective than heat. YMMV.

Good luck with this. Back pain is hell. :frowning: