Back episodes of Jeopardy

I cannot find full episodes of Jeopardy for rent on disk or for streaming. Are they not available? Am I just not looking in the right places?

I don’t think that old episodes are available either on DVD, or via streaming. But there’s a website called the J! Archive that has a database of past clues and the answers.

So that’s like .0001% of all episodes since the Trebek started. :slight_smile: And it looks like Game Show Network stopped running old episodes too. So you’re pretty much out of luck (legally) except to imagine the games via the J! Archive site. :wink:

Last evening, Saturday, about 5:29pm PST, I went to the internet connected to a TV and clicked on MSNBC in my favorites and got Jeopardy.

It appeared to be a rerun from Oct '10. The remainder of the evening was NBC, a channel 4 from the DC area. The banner said MSNBC live. The URL is something like I have never seen this before but I probably had never clicked on MSNBC on a Saturday afternoon.

CBC has had the current (According to j-archive) Jeopardy for a couple of weeks now. New problem. CBC broadcasts Jeopardy at 3:30pm Nevada time and I cannot figure out how to record it so I can watch with my spouse. I get CBC via the internet.

Unfortunately, game shows are amongst the least likely television shows to be archived. There’s just not a lot of interest in watching the old shows. There’s usually not even enough interest for anyone to put them up online illegally. is a live broadcasting service, and all I’ve ever seen on it is webcams. I’m surprised that it’s being used for a legitimate site. That might actually fare well for getting true Internet television, instead of just individual shows being put up.

From waht you say, CBC is doing this too, which is cool. Unfortunately, it’s such a new thing that I haven’t encountered any premade software designed to record at a specific time, assuming that all video is available at all times of the day. But I’ll look around.

ETA: How are you getting CBC via the Internet? They don’t mention it on their website. Is it something your ISP is doing?