Where to find an old episode of the Jenny Jones Show

I am trying to find an old episode of the Jenny Jones show from 1992 or 1993, the one that featured the “Spur Posse.” Has someone gone to the trouble of actually archiving these old TV programs, or have they just been swallowed up into the muck of pre-internet history?

Does anyone know?

No JJ but here is a 20-20 segment on the Spur Posse

God, I have so much childhood nostalgia for the sordid talk-show exploitationism of the early 90s. I could barely understand it back then, but I found it all fascinating.

What happened to all of those episodes of those talk shows that were so popular back then? Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake, Donahue, etc. Were they archived for posterity in some way? Did anyone back then go to the trouble of compiling each episode of each season? Or do they only survive on a bunch of disintegrating VHS tapes in attics, basements and garbage dumps?