Back execrises on the bed...

Hi all,

Currently I couldn’t a proper execrise mat…is it safe for my back (and the bed) if I do things like sit ups on my bed?


I meant to say "Currently I couldn’t afford a proper execrise mat

as long as the mattrass is hard enough.
You’d best check with a physiotherapist. The back needs to be in a certain position to fully excercise the muscles you want to excercise. If your back is notin the correct position, you can actually stress the muscles in the back, or other muscles, and obtain the complete opposite of what you want to achieve.
Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you excercised on carpet, instead of a hard floor? Or do you not have carpet anywhere?

You know, there’s a joke in this thread title just begging to be said. I will attempt to take the high road.

It’s been a looong time since I took a physiology class in college, but I seem to recall that an extremely firm yet padded surface was best for exercises such as sit-ups. The problem with most beds is that they have too much ‘give’ in them; your butt will sink as you bend forward, putting too much stress on your lower back.

It would be possible to do exercises such as leg raises, and maybe even crunches, on a bed with a sufficiently firm mattress. I’d probably draw the line at exercises (like sit-ups) with a wide range of motion, though.

Thanks, no carpet either. I tried putting lots of towel on the floor (when my ma wasn’t looking, of course) and I could still ‘feel’ the floor jagging into my back.

Uh, erm, yeah, perhaps I have to be more discreet with my thread titles :-}