Need advice on putting together a calithenics workout

What the title says. As I’ve lost so much weight I see that I have lost a bunch of muscle mass too, legs, butt, arms. Part is getting older, I’m sure, part is being so sedentary for so long, and part I’m convinced is due to the drastic calorie reduction.

Anyways, I know I’m not gonna go to the gym, just not gonna do it, so I have to start doing other exercise at home. I plan to get some dumbbells after a bit, but I want to start with just some regular old exercises.

Pushups I know about, but what else should I do? I am clueless beyond the fact that situps/crunches are bad for the back if one has a bad back, which I do. Any advice at all from fitness-oriented Dopers to assist me in developing a good full body home workout without weights will be much appreciated. Thanks good Dopers.

MSN has a good starting point.

Bodyweight Culture has a terrific range of exercises but you do need to join as a member to view everything.

I’m a member there, it’s free and they don’t spam your email.

My exercise regimen - walk to Safeway for groceries two or three times a week. Hop on the recumbent bike and watch tv for 45 minutes or so a couple of times a week (I use some hand weights while pedalling to get my arms involved). Go dig dirt in my back yard. Do housework. I aim for doing something every day.

The MSN article has a lot of good moves in it-- the squats are really useful, as are adding in push-ups and variations. Lying leg raises can work your abs without as many back issues as regular situps and crunches, and there are a lot of variations for all three moves. Add in exercises like the Cat/Camel, Superman, Plank, shadow boxing (with weights) and a warmup exercise of jumping jacks or running/biking, and you’ll build muscle back and burn calories fairly efficiently.