back from the void

Hey there people! I missed you all a lot! I was without computer access until yesterday, so I couldn’t talk with anyone for a LONG LONG time.

what has happened you ask? Well I will tell you. I moved into my new apartment next to school, had to work my ass off to pay bills and stuff, sounds like fun, I know…my apartment is in the party building of the complex, so needless to say, I get little sleep. I am working in the computer lab this semester only 12 hours a week, so I won’t be online too much.

ANYHOO, I just wanted to say hello again.


Hello! Good to see you back!

Wacky Ninja–you’ve always been kind to me, and I’ve always liked you. Welcome back! I for one have missed you!

Welcome back Wacky Ninja.

thanks guys…i am only online a few days a week now. anyone want to fill me in on what i have missed? i’ll check back here wed.