Hi again

Just wanted to say hi, I’ve been off board for a while. It started with my computer not auto-logging me in and then me forgetting my password, having issues with the related email account and so forth. I finally got around to resolving that so wanted to pop back in.

welcome back!

Your dreams were your ticket out. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I’m glad you got your computer troubles resolved. Welcome back.

Welcome back! We missed you!

They all talked about you while you were gone.

Oh, um, we kinda sold your stuff when you didn’t come back. Sorry.


Welcome back! You didn’t miss much. I mean, there was the war, and the Second Language Policy, and that whole thing with the teddy bear and the salad tongs, and the time everyone got banned by accident, and the usual drama in the Pit, and what happened to the Top Ten, but other than that, it’s pretty much the same. :slight_smile:

Oh, man, I missed all that stuff too! (Teacher: busy as hell until end of May; then lots of time to post… til September).

But don’t say hi to me… it’s Antinor’s thread.

::ignores digs::

Welcome back, now would you please do something about Antinor02 and Antinor03, they’ve really been messing the place up!