Back in physical therapy for my neck, just whining

I’m really tired of various opposing muscle groups in my body getting screwed up. The latest problem is that my lower traps are too weak, and my pecs and the muscles at the backs of my armpits (didn’t get a name on those) are pulling everything forward, which makes my neck completely screwed up. Add in putting the 30 lb toddler into her new front-facing seat a few times, and I was making an emergency appointment this morning.

I’m still going for my lower back as well, and I’m told I probably have “degeneration” in the joint, and will have to do Pilates and PT exercises forever if I want to keep it working and relatively pain-free.

I also have to do stretches and wear clompy footwear because my ankle is messed up. It may just be the same imbalance issue - my calves are tight and strong, the muscles in front weak; it may be incipient arthritis and/or plica syndrome.

Mostly I’m annoyed because it seems like the back and ankle are probably exacerbated by my weight, and obviously if I maintained a good fitness routine from the get-go, with strengthening and stretching I could have spared myself a lot of pain (and spending!), and yet it seems like every time I launch an attempt at fitness, it brings out one of these problems, and I wind up restricted from one more activity. At this point, I’m basically stuck with recumbent biking and swimming (only certain strokes).

I *am *doing those things, and counting calories, and doing my PT exercises, and avoiding things that my body can’t safely do. And I am very aware that I have it better than a lot of people who have disabilities or terrible illness or pain. It just kind of stinks to have this keep happening!

I am very grateful to have a great PT office, who even offer child care. I went from in pain, on the verge of muscle spasm, barely able to drive, to feeling almost normal, all in the course of an hour or so.

Just needed to whine a bit, too.