My body hates me. (Trivial)

Feet: I have flat feet. Flat. Were you to coat my feet in ink and have me step on a piece of paper, you would get a complete footprint. Thus, I can’t stand/walk for more than 3 or 4 hours straight, on a good day, before I simply can’t stand up any more. I think the flat feet and pain are related, but I’m not sure. If I stand for too long, I can actually crack the middle of my foot - not toes, not ankle, but FOOT. Also, I get shooting pains up my calves, and horrid lower back pain. I’ve tried everything I could think of - foot exercizes, insoles, arch supports, heel supports, gel insoles, etc. Nada. I think I need surgery, but no insurance for me!

Ankle - In gym class in 9th grade, I twisted my ankle and pulled a tendon loose. In the process, a chunk of bone came loose, which now floats about my ankle area. Occasionally while walking,my right ankle will simply collapse under me. Quite entertaining to bystanders as I stumble over my own feet. Another surgery needed.

Hip - Occasionally, if I put my weight on my left leg, I’ll get pain in my hip area, and I collapse under my own weight. Makes putting pants on quite entertaining. Dunno what’s wrong.

Jaw - Combination TMJ and wisdom teeth, on my right jaw. I wake up with nasty jaw pain. For the first few hours I’m awake, I can only part my teeth far enough to insert one finger. Well, I can open it further, but it involves a loud snapping sounds and worrying “did I just snap something?” If I eat hard bread or anything large, there’s lovely dinner music provided by my cracking jaw. It gives me headaches in my right temple. Over the years, Aleve has become my best friend. Yet another surgery.

Skin - I have eczema. Here’s the list of where it has appeared: Across my lower stomach, from hip to hip; between my shoulder blades; on my chest, including breasts; on the side of my brest, near my armpit; my right nipple (there’s nothing more fun than eczema on your nipple!). I’ve now gone three months without it flairing up for the first time in 4 years.

Heart - Premature Atrial Contractions. Started before finals when I was 15. Doctor’s say it’s not a big deal - I don’t need meds or checkups or anything. It does keep me from selling plasma tho, which sucks. I don’t have a problem with needles, so I’d like to sell in place of people who get quesy, like Cody. Anyway, when I get stressed, I can feel my heart go thumpthumpTHUthump and I get short of breath. Gets real old when I’m really stressed and it happens several times a day.

How I wish I had insurance.

So, what makes you think your body hates you?

I wake up, and it’s standing over me with a knife.

No, wait. That’s my dog.
Never mind.

But you have a lovely smooth face, and lips that don’t need lipstick you lucky girl. :slight_smile:

Personally, I have scoliosis which I wasn’t diagnosed with until I was 30 - too old for non-invasive treatments such as a back brace.

For me it’s either really horrible back surgery or daily back pain. Currently, I go for the daily back pain and do yoga to cope.

However, I have a lovely smooth face, and lips that don’t need lipstick!

Perhaps we’re actually the same person.?.?.?

My scalp.

Incapable of growing a full sheath of air, forcing me to shave it.
My knees, particulalrly my left one.

I cannot use much. It will not support my weight (not obese) when coming out of a crouch.

My right shoulder.

Has still not healed from the partial muscle tear from last March.

My pancreas.

It hasn’t worked since I was 22.

My ovaries don’t work properly, leading to a hormone imbalance that gives me a beard. Not a peach fuzz one, either. I get 5 o’ clock shadow. It’s disgusting.

Also, my legs are WAY too short and my face looks funny. I don’t even feel like a “real” woman. I feel like an impostor.

My pancreas. It hasn’t worked for fifteen years, since I was four. This also means my thighs, stomach, and upper arms hate me, since I stab needles into them every day, and occasionally get big green and blue bruises the size of a silver dollar.

My eyes. Stupid glasses.

I have weak ankles, that spontaneously roll. No permanent injuries yet, and I’ve only had one sprained ankle, miracle of miracles.

Oh, and my armpit hair grows really fast, so that I have to shave practically every day.

Of course, I love the fact that my eyes are green, I have wide fingernails, and my hair has tons of natural highlights. So, it ain’t all bad. Only the stuff that is bad is.

Flat feet here too. Used to stub my toes all the time, last time it happened it was the right little toe (yeowch) and ever since then my right foot always wants to walk on the outer edge, not flat. :rolleyes:

Knee problem here too. Standing up from a crouch one day, the left one went SNAP CRACK POP and hurt like hell. Now sometimes it’ll just slip out of alignment while sitting or laying, and subsequently refuse to hold weight. :mad:

Wisdom teeth are only now coming in. That’ll make a total of 29 when they do, but they’ll be awfully hard to keep clean. :sick smiley:

Strangely, my eyes don’t bother me. At worst, the glasses are a minor inconvenience, and at best, they are a vital necessity. :eek:

I could live without facial hair though. :smiley:

I have nothing to add, except that I think the thread title should have been: I Sing the Body Decrepit!

My back, hips, knees AND ankles. There’s no particular place that bothers me more than the others, aside from my right ankle, but all give me problems if I’m on my feet for more than…oh, fifteen minutes. If I DANCE my ankles hurt for a week. This has been worth it a few times, though.

Right now, though, it’s my damn sinuses. I’ve had a sore throat and stuff for a couple of days, and then last night when I lay down my nose got a lot more stuffed than it’s been. THEN I woke up at 3:30 and my face HURT, both sides, right along my cheekbones. We’re talking PAIN. I got a second pillow and it subsided enough to let me sleep, but it’s still hurting. I think I need a doctor.

This thread has excellent timing. I thought about starting one just about my right wrist. It hurts a lot this morning. I’ve worked very hard lately, using my computer and mousing a lot. So it aches some from that, then I go bowling and I twinged the HELL out of something last night. I wear a wrist brace while bowling, and usually don’t have too much of a problem with it. You guys should see how badly I typed this. Hopefully I caught all the errors!

I think I’m gonna take some Advil.

Oh yeah—my other problem. About a year ago, I started Depo-Provera shots. I noticed I started getting about a million little skin tags! Mostly around and under my breasts, and some on my neck. They are so irritating! And sorta itchy. My doctor says it’s from the hormones. I have an appointment in March to get them all snipped off. Ouch! :eek:

My lungs - Asthma. It’s pretty mild compared to how it used to be and it’s still getting better so that’s not too bad.

My mind - Anxiety disorder. I’ve got all sorts of crazy little tics and routines that I have to go through in order not to get freaked out. Meds help a lot, tho.

My eyes - Weak and baggy. always baggy. No matter how much sleep I get I always have big purple bags under my eyes. Does anyone know if there’s anything I can do about this.

My skin - Eczema around my ankles. During the pollen season it tends to spread up my legs. Not cool.

My left knee. It’s not as bad as some people’s but I hate the fact that when I run, it feels kind of achy as opposed to my right knee which feels fine no matter how far or long I run. I should probably get it checked out.