Back of Dart Board do you play?

When I was a kid, most cheapy dartboards game with the usual 20-1-18-4… layout on the front (with plastic dividers between the sectors–how pointless!). However there was often on the back a black-and-white layout of a baseball diamond with various scoring options (if anyone can point this thread to a picture of what I’m talking about, it would be helpful).

Does anyone know if there was an actual set of rules for this baseball layout? As kids we’d just throw at it and keep track of strikes/balls/hits until you hit three out areas, at which point your opponent shot. But the areas marked “out” were so small in comparison to the “hit” areas that it was laughably easy to score 20-30 runs a turn, and we’d quickly get bored and go back to torturing my little brother :slight_smile:

I see something on the web called “Dartball”, but it’s not quite the same layout I remember. Anyone?

I found a manual online for a Sharper Image magnetic dart set that includes a baseball design. Direct link to the manual (Warning .pdf file):

The instructions for the baseball side of the board start on page 10 but they seem pretty self-explanatory, so I’m not sure this is the board design you’re looking for.

Here’s one that looks similar to the one I played as a kid.

We never had any published rules.