Darts Baseball rules

Ardred and I are trying to figure out the rules for darts baseball. I’m not talking about the one using the regular side of the dartboard where you start with one, etc, but the other side of our home dartboard with a baseball diamond and words like “sacrifice” and “stolen base”.

Anyone know how to play this?

I remember this game! My grandfather used to play in a church league in Nebraska. One of the rooms in the basement had one of those boards on one end. The game uses a different kind of dart; they’re big and made out of wood. The line is 20 feet from the board. I believe it’s played just like baseball.

Google on “dartball” and you should find some more info.

It’s a regular wooden board with steel tipped darts. Standard dartboard on one side, baseball diamond on the other. Dartball is similar, but not what I’m looking for.

Like this

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