Back pain and techniques to fix it.

Every once in a while my lower back pops out and I’m in misery until it pops back in. It was hard to walk and if I was sitting upright on the floor it was painful to bend forward. It made sleep almost impossible. Yes I could make a dozen trips to the Chiropractor but that is time consuming and right now my budget is tight. Sooo I tried various yoga positions to no avail until I tried the simplest of moves. While lying on my back with my legs drawn in and knees flexed I pushed down with my legs which arched my back. DONE. In 5 minutes I was fully mobile. It was unbelievable how quickly this worked.

I pass this on to people who may find themselves in the same condition. This position is a great exercise to build up the back muscles.

Feel free to post your techniques for back pain relief.

I had problems with lower back pain for years that I couldn’t figure out. It was worst overnight - I’d wake up in the morning feeling like I could barely walk.

I tried everything - different mattresses, different sleeping positions, yoga, back stretches, talked to doctors, etc. Nothing helped.

Then I figured out that the problem was not my back, it was my hamstrings. Tight hamstrings tug on your lower back and cause it to hurt. I started stretching my hamstrings, and suddenly, no more back problems.

I had chronic lumbar back problems, and the occasional chiro visit. Then I got hip joint pain, too, and my doctor sent me to Physical Therapy. The back trouble, it turned out, was from my lower back being too straight! I had been taught to keep my back straight by backing up to a wall and trying to get as much of my back on the wall as possible. Bad advice.

Imagine a compass dial surrounding your pelvis, with North being straight ahead. Standing with your knees slightly bent. Rock the bottom of your pelvis north, then south, 10 times. (You may want to do this in private.) Then do east to west, northeast to southwest, and so on. Do 2 or 3 sets of ten daily. You might find it more comfortable to do it as a circle, like a hula dancer. After a couple weeks, I had no more back pain.

I have had muscle spasms in my lower back from time to time. The physical therapist recommended stretching by touching toes, and stretching the opposite way as well, but using a yoga-ish pose. Lay down on your stomach and lever up your torso on your forearms.

I use an inversion table from time to time as a preventative measure. I haven’t been using it lately because I sprained my ankle and I cannot imagine anything good coming of putting my weight upside down on my ankle. But my back is definitely getting “tight” so probably in another week or so, I will give it a go and hope it doesn’t cause ankle problems.

Once more, I present: The Chinese Postion.

[li]Stand, feet slightly apart, toes out.[/li][li]Crouch down, the back of your calves touching the back of your thighs.[/li][li]Clasp hands together and hold them out in front of you.[/li][li]Relax your neck and let your head droop.[/li][li]Hold this for 30 seconds.[/li][li]Get up.[/li][/ol]
This brings immediate relief.

If you have bad knees, kneel on the floor first. Hold it for about a minute.