Back to basics of fighting ignorance, starting with Thursday's "no gas day"

This just makes me so unbelievably frustrated and sad.

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

Why? Didn’t the Montgomery bus boycott achieve its goals in one day? :rolleyes:

Mind summarizing the issue, for those of us not fortunate enough to have discovered Facebook or fortunate enough to have given it up?

Yeah, if the link makes the OP “unbelievably frustrated and sad” I’m not going to click it.

If it’s the same as the “No Gas Days” that have been going around the Internet for the past, oh, 10 years at least, then the concept is that in order to protest high gas prices, you don’t buy gas for a day.

This is about as effective as it sounds.

Having clicked on the link, yup, that’s what it is. But now with the Power Of Facebook!

Sigh. Now I’ll have to devote part of my class period to squashing this moronic idea among my students.

I could get behind a “No Facebook day.” Or week. Or month.

Go right ahead. Nobody’s stopping you.

I could get behiind “No Lame One-Line Posts with Undescribed Links to Places That Most of Us Can’t Access from Work” Day.

Awesome. That means I won’t have to wait for anyone to get gas.

Well I for one will not be buying any gas on Thursday because I actually care about this country and the values it stands for and I will not fall into the trap of falling prey to the muslims and their plans to have people buy gas on Thursday. Besides I just filled up my tank this morning.

Awesome. I declare April to be no internet month!

I’ll post updates occassionally to let you know how it’s going.

I’ve seen a second one that recognizes that this is stupid, and instead tells you to buy all your gas from local shops rather than the big companies. They hate it when I ask “And where to they get their gas? Do they make it themselves?”

Okay, so I’m a little nicer than that, but you get the idea.

They should come to Japan. Plenty of “no gas” days right now. Pity it doesn’t seem to be affecting the prices. Here in Hokkaido we can get 20 litres at a time but it’s past ¥150 per litre. Honshu has been hit by harder rationing and the same prices.

They probably distill it from hemp. Damn hippies. :smiley:

I propose a national “I’d Rather Feel Good Than Do Good Day” page that would link to all these useless efforts. It would have a large picture of a guy with a finger up his nose and the caption “At least I’m doing something!”


There was a guy not too far from me who was busted for making and selling biodiesel a few years ago. Maybe if we gave such folks a break on the fuel tax…