Back to Reality: What is the most you have ever LOST at a casino??

OK after reading the recent thread about winnings at casinos, it would seem that a casino is a wonderful magical place where it is so easy to win big bucks.
So where are the real people who LOSE at the casino. Please tell me that I am not the only one!!
The most I have ever lost was $80. 'Course, I only came with $80. It was a night cruise casino thing just for fun. 80 bucks is all I could afford to lose. I pretty much figured I would. My roommate actually won money, but not too much. Definitely not the thousands being bragged about in the other thread.
OK losers, I want to hear about the big loses in your life- when you put the deed to the house on black and the ball stopped on red.
What is the most you have ever lost on a trip to the casinos? And what is the most you have ever lost on ONE bet?

50 FF, at the casino in Monte Carlo. At today’s exchange rate, that’s about $6.95.

The most I ever lost on one bet was $150. I’ve never lost money overall, though.

The most I’ve ever lost in one trip to a casino is $20. Lifetime, I’m ahead by about $2000–that’s in about 8 years of occasional gambling. No big money, but I did pay the rent with my winnings a few times in college. I lost $100 on one blackjack bet once, but I was about $200 ahead at the time.

I never go to a casino with the expectation of winning–I go for entertainment, with a set amount of cash that I’m willing to lose (in college, it was $20). If I lose that stake, I quit.

about $300 over the course of 2 days/nights

The recommendation of never, ever take more than you can afford to lose is ab-O-so-lutely correct. I look at as the cost of entertainment.

Now-a-days i sponser a monthly poker night at my place. Nickle ante, quarter max bet. No one loses more than $10 over the course of the night so no one walks away mad.

about $40.

The most on one bet? Probabbly $10.
Yup, I’m a big gambler. Yup.

At one point at Dover Downs, I was down over $700 on slots, but I hit the $1,000 jackpot TWICE and ended up leaving with over $1,200 at the end of the day.

I think the most in one trip is probobly $300 (that I brought expressly to gamble with). Generally speaking, I’m an even player. I win some, I lose some.

**PSST! BEAR! Did ya ever get your pants?

Hmmm, in one visit or one trip? The most over an entire trip is $80 (over five nights, I drank WAAAAAY more than that, so I actually came out ahead). In one night it’s $400 ($350 of that was winnings from the prior night).

Single bet was about $200 (spread to hell and gone over a craps table).


$1200 in a weekend. Real bad run at the Hold 'em table.

One bet? I was whacked a couple of times for about $300; craps with full odds can do that to you (to be fair, I only increase my bets to that amount if previous bets have paid off for me, so I wasn’t actually in the hole $300). Every once in a while 3 splits at black jack with double-downs on all will come back to whack you. Especially frustrating when the dealer shows a six, and then draws to hit 21.

Uhhh…50 cents. Sorry, I’m not much of a gambler and casinos bore me pretty fast. I guess the casinos inVegas won’t be offering me any free trips ;).

most I’ve lost is exactly the same as the most I’ve won. Zero. Gambling is one vice that has ** never ** interested me in the slightest. taking the fifth (as it were) on any other vices…

Well I look at my gambling wins and losses on a per trip basis. Plus I am a strictly slots person anymore, I lose even worse at the tables.

The worst gambling trip for me so far has been when I lost $600 in one night and a little more the next night. Not one win. :frowning:

But the last few trips I have taken (RENO BABY!) have been much better! :smiley:

I’m like Balance…I go in with a set amount of money I’m willing to lose. When it’s gone, I’m done. Most I’ve ever lost was $40. That was my limit.

I have gambled ONE time. Lost 20 bucks, all at once. Never had the urge to try again, even though my friends won a few hundred each that same night.

Sorry to do this, but since I can’t gamble (legally, at least, <shifty eyes>) I thought I’d just enlighten you with a Simpson’s quote:

Drunken Island Native: “How can Ace be 1 AND 11? What kind of God would allow that?”

Again, my apologies.

$650.00 in three hours.

18 yrs. old at the time and thought I knew how to play BlackJack. Wrong.

The most was $350 over 4 days in vegas… i keptr winning enough to keep me afloat and full of comp. drinks. I figures that’s not bad for 4 days.

One Trip: 50 (on my very first trip to a casino, no less) One Bet: .75 (3 quarters; again on my very first trip)

About $10 in Vegas. Slot machines. I don’t enjoy gambling, but I was in Vegas and I was bored.