Your last time in a casino....were you a net winner or a net loser??

I went recently to the Cherokee casino in North Carolina and while there I started playing blackjack with 150.00. After a couple of ups and downs I quit while still had 100.00 making my net loss 50.00.

I’m not complaining, that’s just the way my luck went.

What was your last experience in a casino? Did you end up ahead or behind for the day?

Went to the Muckleshoot Casino outside of Seattle a few months ago and won $500 on a scratch ticket promotion they had going on at the time. Pocketed $300, my wife and I had a nice dinner and I lost the rest over a period of 3 hours. Just before we left, my wife won $70 on a quarter slot machine. We came out ahead that night.

Last visit to a casino was Vegas in March. The wife hit a slot for $700 the first day, so we gambled on the casino’s dime for the rest of the trip. Ended up about $200 in the black, above what we came to town with. Plus the whole trip, room, meals and gas was comped.

Taj Mahal Atlantic City Summer 2006. Lost $250. At one point was up $750ish

Lost about $600 plus (on Blackjack) last time I was in Vegas. Had been up about $200 on poker, but was playing Blackjack to be more social and hang with the guys. Net down about $400 or so for the weekend trip.

I was at Mandalay Bay in Vegas in early June. I put $200 down on the craps table and after 3 days I walked away with a $300 net ($500 total) (four trips to the tables). At one point I was up to $800. If I’d ever hit a grand, I’d have quit. Quit for that trip, I mean. :slight_smile:

We stopped at the President Casino when we were in St. Louis in May, and I lost a bit, won a bit, lost a bit more. Thought about stopping when I was $80 down, but I had $20 still in my budget. Ended up winning $160 and change back, for a net $80 gain.

This was playing nickel slots.

$800 up. I quit then, as that paid for my half of the trip, and then some.

Net winner. Put $20 at risk, ended up with $35!!

Casino Queen, St. Louis. Net winner. I was up about $150 playing craps, my wife took $100 and disappeared to the slots.

About 30 minutes later, she came up to the table and handed me a wad of cash. She said “Can you keep this, I don’t have pockets.” When I asked her what it was, she said “Five thousand dollars. I won a jackpot.”

We bought the shit out of Cardinal jerseys that weekend.

I lost, and the time before that I lost, and the time before that I lost. Not a lot any time, but I always budget my loss limit and I stop when I get there.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “LOSER”! I have been to some of the worst dumps in Vegas and they still count on you dropping a dime so they can make buck. It’s the story of Vegas. I gave up on gambling myself. I might get drunk and drop 2 small every month or so, but that’s the end of it. I always play video poker and you know what? I’ve never had a royal flush. Over 25 years. Do the math.

I was in Vegas last week. I was working, so I didn’t do much gambling until the weekend, when I stayed overnight on Saturday. I lost a small ammount ($20-30) each of the days Wednesday - Friday on video poker, but on Saturday I played Pai Gow Poker and was up $400. I ended up losing half of that, so I ended up the trip slightly up.

Threads like this remind me why I am such a fuck-up. I lost the last time I was at a casino playing roulette to the tune of $120 or so. Talking with other people, I found out that is just not normal and most people walk away either slightly ahead or breaking even. I have heard of people that were down like I was but they just play until they hit some type of big jackpot and override the losses for the whole visit or even the whole trip and come ahead just enough to pay for dinner. I guess I should have kept playing.

I too was in Vegas last week. In fact, it looked like everyone in the western hemispere was in Vegas last week. Played video poker and 1-5 cent slots with about 40 bucks over two days, ended down about ten when I quit. Yep, a real high roller, me.

Lost $600 last time I went to Foxwoods. It was enough to get the gambling bug out of my system for a while. I generally play every 2 or 3 months 300 is the alloted amount to lose. I doubt I’ve broken even over time but I come home with extra money often enough. I rarely play slots and tend to quit after I’m up 500 so I can never hope to leave with a fortune. I just manage to keep myself entertained.

I’m a total non-gambler. It just doesn’t interest me at all. The one and only time time I’ve been to a casino was several years ago when I was unemployed and extremely broke. Some friends insisted I go to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in CT with them. I brought $20 with me, played the slots and won $35 within the first few tries.

Over the course of a couple of hours just playing slots I won enough to keep myself busy while my friends lost much more than me at the tables. I had several excellent beers (I discovered Abbey Leffe Blonde on tap at Mohegan) and a snack or two and played video games in the arcade until I ran out of money.

Although I technically lost $20, I’d say I came out ahead.

I rarely go to casinos, but we went to the Casino de Montréal a while back, and played 20$ on the slots. I walked out the door with… 20$. At one point I was up to about 45$, then lost down to about 1.35$ and then won my way back up to what I showed up with. So the casino got nothing out of me… I didn’t even buy a drink! The people I went with all lost their 20$ in about 10 minutes.

Last time I was in Vegas was for a wedding. We went out the night before to the 4 queens, one of my favorite gambling spots. The boss’s are nice and the dealer’s actually talk to you.

We started out the night playing pai gao, drinking basically for free. After a while I got up and went to the BJ table. I generally try to get a table by myself so the $25 tables in Freemont are perfect for this. I quickly went down 300, and went back to pai gao.

An hour or so later, back to BJ with a hundred. Played it, played it and played it. Got my first BJ of the weekend on a max bet ($1000) and kept it going to $4500. I then proceeded to lose it all back over the course of a few hours…

I got married the next day though, so I can’t really say I was a loser! :wink:

eta: Also, now I get more offers for free weekends from them than I can count. They’ve already comped me three rooms for march madness next year, so that makes it all worth while!

Everybody is either lying to you, or has selective memory. Vegas wasn’t built by everyone winning. :dubious: