Back to the Future 2 / Chicago Cubs

In Back to the Future 2 they mention the cubs winning the world series in the future time Marty is in. I know it’s in 2000 something. I was just thinking if it was 2003 that would be crazy. It’s an off chance, but what year does he travel to in the future?

I do not remember the exact year but Marty (Michael J. Fox) was in high school during 1985, which is the timeline of the movie trilogy. In the future, the older Marty seems to be in his early forties with teenage children, so my guess would be that the time he saw the footage of the sports reel would be beyond 2003.

He travels 30 years into the future from 1985(2015 because 30 years is a nice round number and he traveled 30 years in the past before to see his parents at 17. But I don’t know what year it says the Cubs win the Series.

It’s the 2015 World Series. Cubs beat Miami, if I recall. And the old guy says he wishes he’d bet money on the Cubs.

Whoa, let’s slow down on awarding the Cubs the (what’s the World series trophy called?) just yet.