Back to the Future part IV (wishful thinking)

I recently watched the Back to the Future trilogy again, and they’re still pretty entertaining, fun movies. The “future” that they visit in part II is 2015, next year. That got me thinking. They really should take that “anniversary” as an opportunity to make a part IV.

Michael J. Fox is back acting, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Thomas F. Wilson, James Tolkan are all still with us, so all the major cast members could return.

My idea for the jumping off point for the plot: It’s 2015 (the one we live in), where are the flying cars and the hover boards? Marty realizes that things have been changed, meaning that in his and Doc’s previous time travels they must have messed something up, again (or still). So he needs to find Doc and get it fixed. Somehow he contacts Doc and for some reason (hey, the writers need to do some of the work) they need to go back to 1955.

With current digital effects, the movie makers could insert today’s actors into the actual scenes from the previous movies, weaving the stories together.

So who’s with me? Any more ideas for the plot? Who can we contact to get this moving? Anyone have Robert Zemeckis’ direct number? Or Michael’s?

Back to the Future are my favourite movies, I have recently decided. I think your idea would work great in a fan film or short story. I’d watch it.

Of course they’re never going to go back to that well. Neither Michael nor Chris Lloyd have the stamina anymore, and Robert Zemeckis doesn’t seem to like live action filmmaking these days.

So one problem solves the other in horrifying POLAR EXPRESS style?

(Incidentally, I can’t beat the suggestion from right here on the SDMB: “Barack Obama? Who’s the Vice-President, Kunta Kinte?”)

I’ve been a major fan of Michael J. Fox ever since Family Ties and while I’m happy he’s keeping his chin up and fighting his illness with style, his current interviews & stuff are just too hard for me to watch. :frowning: I do think he could probably pull off a fourth BTF movie, and Christopher Lloyd definitely could (he’s “only” 75, fer cryin’ out loud) but I don’t think I could bring myself to watch it.

So ok, let’s get someone else to direct. And the Mrs. had a suggestion that could help with the stamina problem: Give most of the heavy lifting in the film to Jules and Verne, Doc’s two boys. Marty and Doc can be advisors and observers of the action, passing the torch if you will. It might even work to reboot the franchise, as long as they do a better job than the last Indiana Jones movie.

Rewatch the original films, pay attention to detail.
Our 2014 is the correct 2014 and our 2015 will be the correct 2015 with Twitter and iPhones and gay marriage in Utah.

It is the events of the first movie that lead to hover boards, police thumb print identa-pads, and mini dehydrated pizzas that get zapped to hot and full sized. The events of the second and third movies correct everything and set the subsequent timeline to right.

So, there’s nothing for a fourth film to correct.

So renaming Shonash Ravine to Clayton Ravine caused hoverboards, and renaming it to Eastwood Ravine took them away? Well that just sucks.

Wait, you don’t have a hoverboard? I don’t have the balance or the knees for it but my kids love their hoverboards. Next you’ll tell me you don’t have a voice activated portable computer & phone that fits in your pocket.

Ehh. Recent experiences with reviving long-dead movie franchises do not really incline me to press for more.

Indiana Jones 4 was terrible but the 2 new Star Treks were enjoyable if not great movies. What other long-dead movie franchises were recently revived?

Yep, hoverboards exist.

I personally think the Telltale game did a pretty good job. It often goes on sale for under $5 and runs on even some pretty crappy computers. (I got it working, albeit a bit jerky, on my single core EeePC, even. Yes, with built in Intel graphics.)

Heck, it’s at $3.74 at right now.

I could maybe get on board with a next-generation sequel. Have Jules and/or Verne Brown go back to 1985 prime for some reason, mess something up, and have to fix it. Sort of follow the formula for the original BTTF but with a mostly new cast and generation. Lloyd, Fox, Thompson or Steenbergen could all appear or not depending on availability, but I wouldn’t use them for more than supporting roles.

It might be fun to see a teenager of 2015 finding him or herself back in 1985. No portable phones, no recognizable internet, primitive computers, cold war paranoia, strange fashions. Could be good if done well.

Telltale Games came out with a BTTF Adventure that, while a little long, is a fun “sequel”.

Seeing Michael J Fox on his show and Biff recently in the movie The Heat make me say they are just too old to pull it off and if they were going to make a sequel with them it should be animated and just use their voices. Otherwise, leave it be.

It’s also available for PS3 and XBox 360. I have the PS3 version and like it. A sound-alike actor plays the teen-aged Marty, but Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as Doc Brown and Claudia Wells played Jennifer. The other sound-alike actors for George, Lorraine, and Biff also did good jobs.

I like the OP’s idea, but I think it might work best as a Funny or Die short.