Background sounds - resources on the web?

This doesn´t seem important enough for GQ (feel free to move!)… but it is kind of a factual question:

Do you know any website which lets you download background sounds/ sound effects for free?
More precisely, a friend of mine needs some bar buzz (talking, glasses clincking, laughter) as a background for a song, and before he actually walks into a bar and tapes it there, he´s trying to find something on the net.
Google gives us loads of pay-sites, even if the stuff is royalty-free, but the again, maybe I´m asking the wrong questions?
Thanks everyone!

I don’t know if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but here’s a web site I used recently when working on a presentation for work:

I think I also got some sound fx from this one:

I hope these help!

Wow, what timing. I was just at looking (listening) for phones and gunshots.
I can’t tell whether the sounds are copyrighted (written?), so I chose to use them.
Great site.

Yay, thanks, those look good. There should be something there.
Doesn´t look like their copyrighted, and soundeffects usually aren´t anyway - but the only ones I foud yesterday were pay-per-download.
I knew I could trust my fellow dopers.