Finding music from tv.

Every once in while a BMW commercial comes on or a prescription drug advertisement or what have you.

Anyway, was just wondering if any people committed themselves to discovering where the commercial makers get their music; if you happen to like something that has become the “background music” to the ends of selling their product.

I’ve found some good music from listening to “background music” , but it takes lots of research, sometimes it doesn’t surface until months late, sometimes years; I just tend to really like music and remember this kind of stuff. Any other fans out there with websites maybe? Or am I just so original? :smiley:

There is an excellent website, primarily aimed at advertising professionals, where you can generally find out without too much effort where the music comes from in TV ads. It’s called They also maintain a huge database of television and radio ads from all over the world, but in order to use the archives you need to register and pay for access (2 euros per month, which I’ve found to be well worth it.)

Here’s a site that’s user friendly.

Nice site, thanks ltfire.

If you happened to be in New Zealand, you could try this with your mobile phone. If it works, (and I’ve never tried it) what a great idea!