I wish someone could research my brain and find out the name(s) of all the music I...

… Ever thought sounded good. All the music I heard in adverts or even posessed but lost due to disorganisation. I have the resources and funds to get hold of almost any music but my memory and mind are a complete blank.

Man, can I ever sympathize with that. My desk is always littered with scraps of paper upon which are scrawled lyrics I overheard (for later googling) on the TV, radio, Muzak, someone’s CD player, etc. etc. Sometimes it gets to be a compulsion to find what song it is—all because of my hearing a nice chord change, clever lick, well-tuned snare drum, and like that.

I suppose if you really had funds, you could go to a hypnotist and have him try. :slight_smile:

Commercials should be forced into displaying the music used (unless it’s original to that commercial)

I didn’t know until years later that Moby’s God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters was what was used in the commercial for the movie Heat.

Then, not one week later, I found this site. Oh, the pain.