Help Name That Tune!

I joined this board to post a plea for help finding an old commercial I saw ages ago. That thread ended up both answering my question (in 2 posts, no less) and giving me a bunch of links to other amusing commercials and ads.

With that in mind, I’m here asking you all for help again. This time it’s a bit harder given that music (especially independent music) is so much more diverse than mass-distributed commercials. I’m sort of at my wits end and have exercised all my google-fu with no success (with lyrics, or other resources).

Following is a link to the song (the photo being a shot of mine). I leave you, SDMB, with hope that someone might be able to point me towards a name or artist.

Also, I’m totally willing to help with anyone who has the same sort of issue. My tastes tend to run towards Canadian Indie, but I have ~5k songs in my library and wouldn’t mind giving a hand if it’s needed.



I’ve not heard it before, but I like it!