"Can you identify this song?" - how to Google it yourself!

Brought to mind by this thread.

Requests to ID a song are pretty frequent, here. The goal of this thread is to minimize such requests by enabling people to do it for themselves. It’s really simple.

  1. Go to Google.
  2. Type in whatever brief snatch of lyrics you can remember, in quotes. Follow by the word ‘lyrics’, without the quotes.
  3. Click “Google Search”.

That’s it.

For instance, suppose all I caught of a certain recent overplayed pop song was the phrase “take off all your preppy clothes”. I type in:

“take off all your preppy clothes” lyrics

and out comes a bunch of links to Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated”.

And it works quite well on obscure songs. For instance, type in:

“listen to the children while they play” lyrics

and you get links to Henson Cargill’s “Skip a Rope” which was a minor hit (peaked at #25, according to one link) back in the 1960s.

All you need to know from a song is a phrase, a fragment of lyrics, and Google will almost invariably find it for you.

OK, so I need to identify this tune that has this great rhythm line in morse code…

And do you know the song that goes “na na na na nnnnaaaa na naaaa nayee na na?”

(I may be a little off in the tune.)

It had the word “love” in the lyrics.


< /end shameful wiseass >

Google: “na na na na” love lyrics

Thank you, RTF!

Suspects that Jonathan is whooshing me…but two possibilities are “You Keep Me Hanging On” by the Supremes and “Western Union” by the Five Americans…featuring our own hooha…errr aha… :wink:

Could the OP be made a sticky?

Wow! Thanks RTF! I found a song that I’ve been looking for for almost thirty years.

Now can you tell me how to find an album that’s out of production (no luck on google, ebay, etc.)?

Sunglasses, there are a lot of used/out-of-print CD stores on the Internet, but if the CD is really hard to find, I would try GEMM first. They are a collection of listings from different sellers who have used/rare CDs for sale, with a search engine to find individual CDs.

If you do use them, be sure and track down and call the individual seller (store or person) to make sure they still have the CD in question. Sometimes the listings can be out of date.

Useful suggestion, RTF. But not quite useful when all I remember is parts of the song, not a complete line.

e.g. It’s a country song. Probably named Mrs. Suzy-something (coz he keeps singing her name). It’s got lyrics that say something to the effect that “I get up early sunday morning to pick up the newspaper which I don’t even read, just to see you in your front porch. I see your ugly ring and hope that your husband is as ugly as the ring. or something. And basically how he’s in love with this Mrs. Suzy-something.”

I have no clue how to go about searching for this song. Heard it on radio recently. Google etc. came up blank.


I googled “ugly ring lyrics” and got thisMrs. Steven Rudy

RTF’s tips still help. Just put in snippets of what you know and most likely after some searching you will find it. Btw…the link was on the first page of googling.

Well, yeah, I know how to google. However, my memory is such that many times I don’t remember the exact lyrics. Also, part of the reason for message boards is for some interaction. It is fun when you know the answer and get to display your expertise and if you also like the song you get to say things like, “wow, I haven’t heard that in years, some great memories go with that song.” Heck, I rarely come to the boards JUST for knowledge.

And a lot of times google doesn’t work…or hasn’t for me. Plus, one time I knew the song/original artist, but wanted to know the cover version of it.

I thought xash was making that rubbish up. God, Nashvegas music is horrible. Murder on Music Row, indeed.

If you get no hits, and you’re not sure of the lyrics, the first thing to try is taking the quotes off. If that doesn’t work, try taking out words you’re unsure of, or doing variations. Because of the singer’s blathering vocal style in “Blister in the Sun”, it took me several tries to find this particular song, but I eventually got it. :slight_smile:

Another handy way to search in Google is by using the “-” sign in front of words that you DON’T want included in a search result. This way, you can filter out songs that have been ‘covered’ or remade by some talentless hack.

For example, suppose you didn’t know who had written the original Simon & Garfunkels song ‘The sound of silence’ but you DID know that it had been ‘remade’ by a rapper named SuperGDawg. Just add -SuperGDawg to the search.

Google: “sound of silence” -SuperGDawg

Thanks RTF! I found the lyrics to “The Legend of the USS Titanic” and now I know that the version I used to hear on the radio was by Jaime Brockett. I never knew the title or artist, and the station that used to play it changed formats years ago.

Sometimes it pays to not include the term lyrics in the search, too, especially if the song is more obscure. Not all lyrics pages contain the word “lyrics” on them.

Damn. I was hoping for something that would help people who can only remember melodies, like the person who ended up looking for the Sabre Dance. :slight_smile:

There is a site for this. You basically enter the musical melody in terms of intervals.

For example, If your melody is C-D-E-F, you enter “W-W-W”

W == two semitones.

This returns playable samples and list of songs containing




and so on.

I’ll do my best to google this and post the link here.