Identify this song!

Just stumbled upon this while scouring YouTube, and I must find out the name of this song! Can anyone help me out here?
By the way, all of the “sequences” listed under BonnieLassie0 are good - talented kids.

Damn, that sounds really familiar. If I had a couple of years to go through all 7,500 MP3s on my hard drive, I might figure out what it reminds me of. The song I’m thinking of has the word “time” in the chorus, I believe.

Bumping for tonight. Anyone? I sent a pm to the guy who uploaded it, but no dice.

Actually, as soon as I posted this I found the song… Thanks anyway.

Not Dark Yet

Wow, what a cool composition. It just made my list of must-learns, heh.

Isn’t that a Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks song?

Not sure which one.