IMDb equiv. for commercials? (specifically the Spike@9 promo)

I seem to remember something resembling an IMDb sort of database for commercials, that would list, among other things, music and actors in the spots. Did I make this up?

Specifically, I’m trying to find out who’s singing (or lip-synching) in the Spike TV’s “Spike@9” commercials- it can be seen on under the “@9 Video” header- “Check out the @9 promo!”


The most comprehensive site for ad credits that I’m aware of is adforum.

But it isn’t nearly as comprehensive as imdb.

Didn’t have that specific commercial, but it looks like a good resource… thanks for the link.

This won’t help your particular instance, but if you’re ever driven nuts by the music in a movie trailer, this is a good place to go.