TV Commercials IMDb?

Is there a website like IMDb that shows actors from TV commercials? The best I could find Googling this was Clipland, but that’s not very helpful.

I ask b/c there’s a current commercial where everyone is trying to get a phone movie close up of their children doing a school play, and it turns violent. At one point a guy mocks a woman by saying “2007 called - they want their phone back” and the woman says “how’s this for a closeup?” and head-butts him.

I swear this woman is the same one from the movie Airplane! where she played one of the sick passengers, and said “I haven’t felt this bad since that Ronald Reagan film.” A friend disagrees, so I’m trying to get proof.

The earlier ad that took place in a church had a woman (same woman?, would need to see them one after another) who resembled Marcy Darcy from Married With Children.

There is “Who is that hot ad girl?” as long as you’re not looking for a dude or an ugly chick:

According to this site (who knows how reputable it is) the actress is Beverly Leech

Actors listed:
Tom Murphy; Robin Long; Lauren Johnson; Carrie Barrett; Demetri Belardinelli; Craig Frank; Sky Elobar; Kristin Malko; Scott Freeburg; Chris Chauncey; Eden Malyn; Andrew Patrick Ralston; Beverly Leech; Carol Weiss

Well, crap. I think I’m wrong about this then - she isn’t listed in the Airplane! credits. Here’s the scene from Airplane, BTW.

Awww…I love Beverly Leech! She was Sergeant Kate Monday on Mathnet, and ever since then I’ve picked her out in her guest roles on pretty much every series I’ve ever watched.

You might get lucky with Most Popular People With Biography Matching “TV commercial” and some looking around.