Identifying actors who appear in commercials?

Can anyone here help me find a website which identifies actors who appear in commercials? I’m thinking about national ads for Sears, Levis, etc. It’s neat to be able to look at some guy who pushed air cleaners for Sears a few years ago and then see him in a movie. I tried to use Google but all I got was a bunch of industrial film sites who wanted resumes, which I wasn’t interested in. Thanks for any help you can provide.

I’m no help but I’d love to find out who that cute-as-a-button blonde woman is in the Circuit City/Land Rover/synchronization-software-spot-where-the-lady-says-I-love-youu-in-a-restaurant-and-the-guy-doesn’t-answer-until-she-gets-up-and-leaves commercials.

Thanks for your post, Max. I was afraid that no one would be able to guess what I wanted. Well, lets just wait until someone reeeeal smart comes across this thread.

I promise this is the last time I bump this thread, so please help me. I’d really like to know. Thanks to any kind doper who knows what they’re doing on the internet

Sometimes IMDB lists actors’ commercial appearances in the “Other Work” section, but it’s really hard to search.

I was going to stop by and mention the ending of Urban Legend, a film that any Doper worth his salt should have seen.

Ready for the spoiler?

Rebecca Gayheart, who plays Brenda Bates, turns out to be the murderer. At the end of the film - set in the near future - several students are sitting around telling stories (that’s how urban legends get started, right?) about the events that had happened over the course of the film.

One of them remarks that she heard the girl who “did it” (i.e. was the murderer) was “the girl from the Noxzema commercials,” which is extra funny if you remember seeing Rebecca Gayheart from her break-out (no pun intended) gigs in Noxzema commercials!

Yeah, I saw that movie when it was aired on the USA network (can’t remember when). Rebecca is really pretty; it’s a shame she’s responsible for a little boy’s death when he ran in front of her car.

The dead sexy woman who appears in the bake-at-home pizza commercial where her boyfriend won’t believe it’s not takeout. It ends with her giving up and it zooming out to show the house is on a remote, tiny island.

A year or so ago, I started a thread asking who the woman was in the Pepsi One commercial that featured the song “Rock the Boat” and the sliding cans. She looked like Charlize Theron but I don’t know if it was really her.

I want to know who does the voice for the Mitsubishi radio commercials! His voice sounds so familiar to me, but I just can’t place it, and it drives me insane every time I hear the ads!

Same guy that does the voice for the greyhound in the bus commercials, right? I know what the guy looks like but I can’t remember what movie I’ve seen him in.