Backyard garden: identify some of the contents?

For years I’ve been intrigued by my next door neighbor’s garden, but I have no idea what all’s there. I’d ask except it’s a little old lady who speaks no English. Our only interactions have been smiles and waves. She’s always out there taking care of the garden. I’m embarrassed to say I’m not even sure where she’s from. Thailand maybe? Cambodia? I don’t know. It sounds terribly ignorant to just say “somewhere in that part of the world” but I have to do it.

This is as close as I can get for a picture. Any ideas what some of these things are?

I have a black thumb myself, so I love looking at this. It makes me happy. I should take another picture in the spring.

I didn’t know if this should go in Cafe Society or MPSIMS. I put it in CS first since I assume there are foodstuffs there. At least herbs.

I posted that from my iPhone and it can’t be made bigger. I’ll try to post a larger version.

There’s no way to tell what anything is from that distance. Plant ID is based on leaf shape and size, etc., which means you usually need to be less than 10 feet away.

Trying this:
On edit: not much better. Thanks anyway** twickster**!

I was going to take another photo but it would come out the same. I can’t get closer because of the fence. My iPhone won’t take bigger pictures. If I find another way to take stills I’ll bump this thread in the future. But in any case, isn’t it nice? She has such a sweet smile, and such a nice garden.

This is from the 2nd floor landing.

Edit, nope, didn’t work for a big version. Never mind.

Yes, it’s obviously a well-loved garden. Too bad she doesn’t have at least a tiny bit of English – gardeners love nothing more than to talk about their gardens.

Those plants under the window and against the back fence (with the big leaves) are Elephant Ears, I think. Still studying but that’s all I recognize right now.

Yep, they’re ears alright. Looks like some sort of squash vine coming up the fence in the front right?

OP, can you take a picture through the fence standing on the sidewalk? Could you walk up to her with a camera, and do the smile-point sign language thing?

Those things are called ‘plants’.

But seriously, the vines growing over the fence on the right look like grapes of some kind, perhaps grown for the leaves, which are yummy to wrap rice and other stuffings. I’m pretty sure on the grape leaves.

On the far right, up against the wall of the building are tomato plants. Planted there to take advantage of the warmth and light reflected off the wall. She should really ask whoever owns that building if she can put a fresh coat of bright white on that wall.

On the near right, in front otf the tomatos, with the big oval leaves are some kind of squash or pumpkin growning in 5 gallon buckets. And peppers in the smaller buckets in front of that.

Looks like she is doing quite a bit with what looks like very limited space and sunlight.

Thanks for all the information. Some time when I see her out there and I’m not rushing to go somewhere (which is usually the only time I see her) I’ll see if I can get some up close pictures. I now visualize myself waving my iPhone with one hand and making shutter click motions with the other. I hope her grandkids have smartphones with camera and she won’t be too confused. She must be in her 70’s at least. I see her out there with an apron and a straw hat and her smile and her garden. I don’t know her at all but I wish she were my grandma.

On the front left of the pictures, near the fence, closest to the house, in planters- that also appears to be peppers of some kind, it’s very hard to tell, though.