Bacon: Crispy or chewy?

I know. I should have posted this in the Pit. But I figured we could at least try to a a civil conversation about this.

(poll to follow)

Crispy. Chewy bacon is perilously close to trichinosis.

Chewy and extra thick please.

A little bit of both. Why on earth wouldn’t you want it all?

Crispy golden crispy just a little soft fatty strip crispy crispy!

  • wipes drool off chin *


It has to be crispy. If I doubt that the eating establishment can competently crispify my bacon, I will ask for sausage instead. Floppy bacon is inedible.

KtK has it right. Proper bacon is a bit crispy and a bit chewy. However, since both isn’t an option, I’ll take crispy, please.

Bacon: Crispy or chewy?


I completely agree with this.

Aye. It’s better to err on the side of too crispy than too chewy.

Chewy yo.

you should look into the recommendations for cooking pork, they have changed in the last 20 years.

the op forgot the “yes” option

Somewhere between the two extremes.

crispy = well cooked.

Fry it with chopped potatoes for a nice dinner.

Yep, trichinosis has not been much of a problem in the U.S. in 50 years AND at least some bacon will have been smoked/cooked at a temperature that is sufficient to address any pathogen issues.

Oh and I went with crispy.

I cure and smoke my own bacon. I slice it thick, both because I like it that way, and because I do a terrible job when I try to slice it thin. Then I put it under the broiler. I get crispy and chewy all at the same time!

I used to cook bacon enough to cook it but not really enough to get all the fat rendered…chewy.

I’m not fond of a strip of bacon bits…unless that’s the objective…crumpled bacon bits.

I don’t eat bacon as a side, just as an additive to other food or wrapped around it.

I’d go with cooked but not burnt to a crispy gnaw.

Chewy – bacon is meat, and meat should be nice and tender. You also get more flavor that way. A little crispy is okay, but not burnt black, like my mother and sister like it. Ugh.

Bacon: Crispy or chewy ?

Trick question. The answer is “more”.