Bacon Cups

Knowing that any real Doper loves bacon, this just in for your holiday parties …

Bacon Cups.

That’s the best thing I ever saw

That’s…beautiful. Now I must immediately wrack my brains for appetizers to serve in bacon cups.

This is about food, so I’m going to move it to Cafe Society, where it will be loved and appreciated by the foodies.


I’ve been wanting to make Bacon, Egg, and Toast Cups for a while now. Similar idea!

I forgot to mention that this was originally posted in MPSIMS.

I don’t get it. Is there something to click on that site?

I am thinking…

Pipe in some mashed potatoes, a little dollop of sour cream, and a few chopped chives.

Little round of toasted bread, spread with a little mayo, put in the bottom of the cup. Top with chopped tomato, chopped lettuce. Ta da! Bite sized blts.

More inspiration to come, I hope.

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Turn up your sound.

Okay. Aaaaaaand…nothing.

I might try baked eggs (also made in muffin tins) instead of poached. Sprinkled a little Amaretto or orange liqueur on top. You might even be able to get two eggs in each one with something else layered in between.

My bacon-flavored mints came in the mail today. I haven’t tried them yet. I found them through Amazon. I wonder if they are breath mints. I’ve forgotten since I ordered them.

They were out of the bacon-scented room freshener.

I’m thinking about making chocolate coated bacon tomorrow for Christmas Eve.

They look really, really, really good.

But what I really wanted to contribute is that I just now finished frying up a pound of thick, peppery bacon. And even though I had the hood fan on high, I still smell like bacon and my fingers are a little greasy typing this, and when I finally put my head on the pillow tonight, my hair will smell like bacon thus fueling bacon dreams nigh into Christmas Eve.

Those dreams shall be of bacon cups gently holding a piece of toast and a runny egg. (BTW, just today, a good pal gifted me a dozen of her happy hens’ most recent output so the eggs will be almost as yummy as the bacon.)

Kinda late but…
Bacon Cups.
My second cousin.

Our little internet is growing up.

Really? Not knowing ytmnd ?

You might need to update your Quicktime. Anyway, you should be hearing Billy West as Fry on “Futurama” saying “That’s the best thing I ever saw!”

How can this thread have gotten this far without a comment about the other bacon cups, equally suitable for holiday parties?

(N all that SFW) http:/ /

If you made them larger, they would make a killer pie crust.

That would make a nice serving dish for cheese and crackers.

So, if you ever find yourself in a situation where baking up your own bacon cups would be problematic–say in the midst of a firefight or a mortar attack–and you’re feeling a bit peckish, then this is what you should reach for:

Tactical Bacon

My son doesn’t know it, but this is what he’s getting for Christmas. (From those wondrous people who brought us Bacon Salt.)